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Busy week! After few slower weeks we saw Oracle come up with option to resize your Compute instances while preserving data you have on them. So just reboot them and get the instance resized to the shape you want!

It's great this feature is now available in OCI as well, hopefully it will get extended for the Database Service later on.

New Features

Change the size of your Compute Instance is now available! Note that there are certain shapes which you can't change anymore after deployed and other limitations as well. So don't expect you can always change it without issues or limitation.
Shared Database homes are now available with OCI Exadata systems. So no more limitations with Database homes on that front! At the same time databases are synced into Console even thought they would have been created using the supported command line tools. Finally, one might add!
Work requests are now available for Bare metal, VM and Exadata DB systems so you can view task progress like with other services supporting work requests.
You can now monitor your Service Gateways.

Blogs & News

Foggy Kitchen page has couple posts this week and the first one is about autoscaling and setting up with Terraform. Autoscaling hasn't seen much changes since last year in OCI, I wonder how many customers are using it and what is the general direction with that service?
Another good one, how to create shared block file system in OCI with Terraform. Lot's of good info on this one!
Shane Borden had a good point on Twitter, make sure part of your database migration includes encrypting tablespaces. He has scripts available to do that in parallel.
Another video from Todd Sharp, how to create your first Autonomous Database in OCI.
New and updated Terraform Registry. It's not only for OCI but for other providers as well. I really like the new navigation instead of the old one.
Martin Berger show cases how the new compute instance shape change works!
And here is a post from Oracle about compute instance shape change.
How to connect to your Oracle Database on OCI using Python.
Bunch of new Level 200 videos on the Oracle's YouTube channel, very good they are pushing still new content out!

Tip of the week

If you are like me you LOVE reading the OCI documentation. Here Guillermo shows how to make your browser automatically search the OCI documentation. I already started using this!

Original idea came from Alex Neagu and it included how to do this in Chrome.


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