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Couple exciting features out there amongst the ones released this week. What do you think about cloning Autonomous DB from a backup or that the January 2020 patch is out for Bare metal and Virtual Machine DB systems?

Cool A-Team post also about FastConnect design which should be a good read.

New Features

So clone Autonomous DB from a backup you have taken. Reminder that you can't do a Point In Time Recovery on top of that but it's the backup you have taken.
Descriptions available for Security Lists and Route Rules. While this might sound as a minor cosmetic improvement it's also really helpful in the long run when you create proper descriptions for these! Now why did I open that port 1521 again..
Oracle Data Safe now supports federated users. Good direction as it's been annoying to switch to a native user whenever you need to do some configuration. (In your face Email Delivery Service!)
January 2020 DB patch for Bare metal and Virtual Machine Database systems. Go patching folks!
For FastConnect and VPN Connect you will now see an alert in the Console if the connection is not redundant. Alert will contain a link to similar topic than the issue is.

Blogs & News

Foggy Kitchen has a new video again - this time about Terraform and NSGs (Network Security Groups. Go check it out!
Here is the link for FastConnect design post, at some point you will eventually come up with FastConnect requirement if you work with OCI so it's good to understand properly where you are diving into.
Rodrigo has an update to the OCI360 tool which has a new infrastructure view available!
Did you know you can access the OCI pricelist API? Well I didn't but Richard found it out!
Leo Leung telling us how to pick the right cloud. Good and valid points! And good that he didn't draw Oracle there as the right choice for all!
Trent has a solid post how to trim your OCI CLI output using the RC file.
I haven't read this book so I can't recommend it but it might be one resource if you are studying for the OCI Associate Architect certification. It also boils down to how you normally study on certifications. For me using the official documentation, configuring things myself and looking videos was most helpful. Then again for AWS certifications I used books and then started studying there, so think what might be best approach for you!
And finally, Todd Sharp has a new video about OS Management Service. Haven't seen much info on it yet so good to get more and more details!

Tip of the week

I'll highlight some of Oracle's videos again from their YouTube page - Level 200 series of IAM. It's a four part series so check first part 1 which is linked here and then continue onto the rest.


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