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Good Friday! Slow week feature wise but if nothing else a new Region, KIX. And possibility to export data from OCI using Data Transfer Appliance.

New Features

New Region available, KIX, as usual it starts only with one Availability Domain. So where is KIX? It's in Japan, Osaka!
You can use Data Transfer Appliance Export to move Tera or Petabytes of data from multiple Object Storage locations to your own Datacenter. Neat!

Blogs & News

Guillermo has a post about VMware on OCI.
New poster on Foggy Kitchen page! This time they are deploying a Web Application Firewall with Terraform.
Post on using OKE, Container Registry and Gitlab for CI/CD process. I've really liked Gitlab's CI/CD features what I've used so if you haven't checked that out it's worth it.
Another post on Foggy Kitchen, this time about OKE as well. It's great they put out videos AND also show how it's done with Terraform AND you can view the code too, excellent!
A-Team post on Oracle Functions together with Key Management Service (KMS).
Tips on using Oracle Functions. Remember to watch that memory!
OCI Overview presentation from Ise Douwes. Nice to see more OCI presentations coming out to public!
Autonomous Database - Dedicated and operational notifications. Will be interesting to see this year how Dedicated ADB will kick off.
Provisioning Oracle Analytics Cloud in OCI. Good brief example on how to do it!

Tip of the week

While not directly OCI related Oracle has released first Oracle Linux 7 template for Oracle Linux KVM and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. It's build on cloud-init which is also used in OCI.


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