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Hope your Friday has been going well! This week I wanted to highlight few new features: Service Limit raise for Compute Services and VCN Flow Logs Limited Availability.

Couple good blog posts so check that section out as well! And we got even more new Regions.

In the new Terraform OCI Provider they've added support for bunch of new services, if you want to see them go check them out. I'm thinking by next week we will see them in the new features section as well..

New Features

If you've done any OCI work earlier you've probably ran into issue with service limits, with compute instances they have been really low. But not anymore! If you go through the current service limits for compute you can see some VM shapes support lot more than earlier.

Thank you! It was stupid to ask them to be raised always as a first thing when you were doing something serious.
New feature with quotas for Autonomous Database - Dedicated. It's fairly new service but you can control amount of CPU and Storage which can be allocated for ADB-D via compartment and database quotas.
New Regions on OCI: Melbourne, Jeddah and Amsterdam. It's nice to get Amsterdam available in EU after Brexit! Also they mention Montreal but I'm not seeing it being available yet. Perhaps bit of miscommunication..?
This is big announcement, limited availability of VCN flow logs! With this you can monitor traffic happening inside your VCN. From the blog post:

"The data includes information about the source and destination of the traffic, along with the quantity of traffic and the "permit" or "deny" action taken, based on your network security rules."

I'm eager to see this in use, it's definitely been asked by many customers who have been using similar feature with AWS for example.

Hopefully we will see it soon with global availability.

Blogs & News

New video and post on Foggy Kitchen, this time about File Storage Service and Network Security Groups. They are posting lots of new and interesting content frequently!
Lucas has a post about OCI Resource Monitoring with Metrics and Alarm Notifications.
And another post from Lucas. Running always free Docker container on OCI.
Gleb has a question on his blog, is Oracle Cloud only or Oracle? What do you think? I'm thinking if they can ramp up services around current offering it comes more tempting option when you are choosing cloud for something new. Right now it's a great option if you already have existing Oracle stack.
Here is article about Oracle doubling down on cloud. Should we believe it?

Tip of the week

Oracle Academy has a Cloud program which utilizes Free Tier resources. Always good to learn something new!


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