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This week some good content out there and couple new features. If you've ever deployed OCI Database with a wrong license type you probably have had to redeploy it again. No more! New feature out since Wednesday which allows you to change the license type on the fly.

It works too, already tested it! There seems to be a bug associated at this point in time that first hour after you change it, you get billed for both license types so something to keep in mind.

I've also started a new series on looking deeper on new features what are coming out for OCI. In the first episode of the series I'm looking on Object Storage versioning and Flexible Shapes.

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I also wanted to provision my first MySQL Database but couldn't due to service limits restricting it. Seems that when I'm using a converted paid account from trial, Oracle still has issues on those accounts that their internal systems don't show them up correctly. It's a known issue for many but it's odd the problem is still there.

Enough of my ramblings, let's get to the good stuff!

New Features

So now you can change the license type for database you have provisioned in OCI. This includes all types of databases, you can go back to BYOL if needed for example.

Previously this wasn't so easy so I'm at least happy it's available!
Autonomous Databases are automatically (surprise!) upgraded but now if you don't want to wait you can also push the upgrade button manually and be done with it!
You can now backup virtual private vaults and keys. Check the documentation how it works and what limitations you have with it.
It's now possible to opt in or opt out on receiving all email notifications for your tenancy. I'd recommend to opt in.. just in case!
Autonomous Database Performance Hub now offers a new Workload tab. There are four sets of different statistics which are displayed.

Blogs & News

Did you know OCI offers SLAs for some services, this official PDF from Oracle has them listed.
A-Team post on Load Balancer design in OCI, nothing major but good walkthrough on it!
Practical steps on how to migrate Oracle VM Virtualbox with Windows 2019 to OCI.
Phil has a blog post on how to migrate ADW Database between tenancies.
Julian shows how time zone and sysdate work in Autonomous Database, some interesting findings!
Deploy and integrate Hashicorp Vault with OCI, something I'm really interested on looking in the future as well!
Another Medium post, this time on Oracle Functions and shipping logs to Splunk or similar tool.
Alex creates ExaCS in OCI by using CLI, nice! I've only done it with Terraform but obviously you can do it with CLI as well. Very handy tool!
Study guide with good links for the OCI Developer Associate exam. Thank you! As you've probably seen the free exams are full now but Oracle is giving you opportunity to join on a wait list so you can take the exam later on free.
Here is a post I wrote earlier this week, it's about creating multiple compartments on OCI by using Terraform modules. Good place to start if you are looking onto modules!
Another new script from Rodrigo! This time it makes it easy to pull out all cost tracking data which you have in your bling bucket! (If you've enabled it).
Martin has a post on Oracle Functions and Event Service with Terraform. And as usual.. video too!
Richard has good overview on the new OCI Cost Analysis tool.

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

What happens when you disable object versioning on your bucket?

Answer: You can't actually disable versioning, rather suspend it. When versioning is suspended the previous versions you had uploaded are retained but all new versions behave similar to versioning being disabled. You can enable versioning back at any time!

Question this week:

What is a cooldown period when we talk about Autoscaling?


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