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Only few notable new features in the last couple weeks, that's also why there wasn't a newsletter last week. But here we are!

Richard has excellent OCI Autoscale script available which I wanted to highlight here already. I wish they would have similar functionality existing without scripts! And take a look on the OKIT, I definitely urge you to test it out!

I've also continued my OCI New Features series, in the second episode I dive into Object Storage bucket replication between regions.

New Features

You can now detect drift within your stack if you use OCI Resource Manager. Drift is when the stack you created with Terraform doesn't match reality anymore meaning someone changed something outside your stack. But who would do so.. nobody?
We also saw rise of OKIT - OCI Developer Toolkit, I played around with it and it has lot of potential! You can draw OCI diagrams and based on those the toolkit will create Terraform scripts so you can deploy your design to OCI. Really great idea! Very early stage still but definitely worth testing.
New version of OCI Ansible Modules! For all you people loving Ansible it makes life easier with OCI.
You can now migrate your Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Process Cloud Service, and Oracle Integration Cloud Service applications to an existing Oracle Integration instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Application Migration. So something completely new!

Blogs & News

So here is Richard's OCI Autoscale Super script! Very interesting take on automating scaling or shutting down servers when you don't need it. Thank you!
Mattia Rossi has a post on FoggyKitchen how to retrieve Marketplace Image id using OCI CLI.
A-Team post how to connect Oracle Analytics Cloud RPD to private Autonomous Database.
Post about OCI Funcions, Events and Oracle Integration Cloud. Two post series!
How to use multipart upload with CLI when you are uploading to Object Storage.
Connecting your on-premises network to OCI with Colt On-Demand.
So great to see some posts about ExaCS - creating Oracle homes with older RUs/BPs.
Using Let's Encrypt with OCI Load Balancer. Very handy tutorial if you need to provision LB with certificate and you need to be able to test it out quickly!
For everyone who wants to get out from OCI-C to OCI - how to migrate your SQL Server from OCI-C to OCI. Don't we just love OCI-C?

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

What is a cooldown period when we talk about Autoscaling?

Answer: Cooldown is time when you are not seeing any scaling events, system will wait things to stabilize before doing another scaling event. In OCI minimum time for this is 300 seconds (which is sort of long..)

Question this week:

How do you control who can access your File Storage Service mounts?


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