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We are back again! Few slow weeks so I wanted to wait until we have something to write about. It's nice to see online resize of block volumes to be available, no need to have downtime anymore. Obviously you still need to perform some OS side tasks but hey, not too bad!

Also check Martin's video about building microservices with Terraform!

New Features

You can online resize block volume and Oracle has instructions how to do it on Windows or Linux. Simplifies administrative overhead when you don't need to do much on Console (or Terraform/CLI side).

They discuss this feature also on their official blog.
Different types of compliance documents are now available in the Console. No more requests to support!
Performance Hub now has timezone selector AND way to see blocking sessions.
Application migration has now zero downtime migration option - if you are migrating from OCI Classic to OCI this should be good for several of the classic services.

Blogs & News

Martin has a video how you build microservices using Terraform, not too complicated. It's great to see his community growing as the videos are really helpful!
New reference architecture from Oracle available - automating datawarehouse data loading using a serverless application. Btw I really like these diagrams and colour palette they are using, wouldn't it be great these would be available for everyone?
Borys has a post on OCI auto scaling, where are all the auto scaling updates? Does anyone use it in OCI?
A-Team post on Fortinet Fortigate Hub & Spoke Architecture. Fortinet and Palo Alto are good options if you need more than default functionality and require Hub & Spoke architecture.
Rodrigo has a new feature of OCI360 out, now it can be executed on ADB (free tier) as well!
Rodrigo's tenancy export utility has some updates as well, he's been busy!
Post on how to patch your OCI DB system. Something what will definitely come up when you work with DB systems on OCI.
Another post from Eduardo about OCI auto scaling, this one has video too.
And how you can access your compute instance using serial connection, when everything else fails!

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

How do you control who can access your File Storage Service mounts?


Control it with security lists in your FSS subnet and with NFS export options to have more granular control for FSS.

Question this week:

When does your load balancer health check show Warning status?


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