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Happy Friday! Took a week off as there wasn't much new releases but now we got a bunch of them!

Auto Scaling finally gets some updates, now it supports also schedule-based scaling in addition to metric based it did earlier.

Check also interesting updates around database, you can create point-in-time copy of database or create it from archived redo log backup and download AWR reports.

And some new certifications available as well.

As a bonus they released new icons for OCI, if you are using Visio you might want to re-download the icons. And if you are using draw.io or OmniGraffle this is your lucky day!

New Features

Schedule-based autoscaling is here! You can set recurring or one-time schedules and define how you want to scale. You can create multiple policies for different scale-in and scale-out events.
Download AWR (Automatic Workload Repository) reports from Performance Hub for your Autonomous Database. More visibility what's happening in your database which is always good!
Create new database from archived redo log backups or create new point-in-time copy of your database. Couple more options to make life easier!
Bulk tag operations are now supported! No need to go them one by one but you can for example retire multiple tags at once if you want.
Console let's you use search now so you can search documentation right from there!
Best Practices Framework tool for OCI! Each cloud has it's own Best Practices so although they might seem similar it's good to have it OCI specific as well.
And new certifications! Enterprise Workloads Certified Associate which is speciality on migration strategies and such. Other one is HPC and Big Data Solutions which is quite self-explanatory.

Good idea to come up with new specialities, I wonder if there is network speciality coming in the future. And as usual they have learning content now available as well!

Blogs & News

Daniel has a post on downgrading DB systems in OCI, can this actually happen? It can but you obviously need to do some work to get it completed!
Vamsi has a post on Monitoring, Functions and Search on OCI.
Vamsi has another post on Cloud Shell, OCI-CLI and OCI Secrets Manager, this is really interesting post worth looking on.
Launching a Converge cluster in OCI, github link with all details you need!
Martin has a new lesson at FoggyKitchen, cross-region Data Guard association. It's really good stuff if you work with Terraform.
If you don't remember how to setup Terraform provider, Bobby has you covered with all steps you need.
Speaking of Terraform, do you use VS Code and Terraform extension? It now has support for 0.12 syntax as Hashicorp took over maintaining the extension not too long ago. It did support it earlier as well but the language server wasn't always working properly.
Christoph has a post on how to mount OCI boot volume from a backup. Some UUID specific things required!
A-Team has done great work and published bunch of videos on how to configure different VPN CPE devices.
How to create OCI API Gateway Authorization Function to access OCI resources.
Setup OCI API Gateway with Oracle Integration Cloud.

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

When does your load balancer health check show Warning status?

  • At least one backend set associated with the load balancer returns a status of WARNING or UNKNOWN.
  • No backend sets return a status of CRITICAL.
  • The load balancer life-cycle state is ACTIVE.
Question this week:

You have deployed Oracle Linux compute instance in your private subnet in OCI but can't update yum repositories. What could be a reason for this?


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