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Another week behind, for US folks reading this happy 4th of July!

Did you notice already Data Integration Service is available? And that Rodrigo released new version of his OCI360 with full cost tracking features!

New Features

Data Integration is fully managed serverless solution that helps with your ETL tasks. There are also some simple tutorials available to get you started.

I believe the service is priced per Gigabyte of data processed per hour and there are different prices for Standard and Enterprise features. I couldn't immediately find this from documentation so some details would be great to see there as well!
Small but useful thing, Exadata Database Homes now support tagging.
Web Application Firewall gets some new features! Don't you get excited about some of the new advanced features with load balancing methods, health check configuration or header manipulation support?
SQLcl 20.2 now has oci command to call OCI rest APIs, makes some operations quite easy when you don't need to switch between tools.

Blogs & News

New release of Rodrigo's OCI360, it's a really impressive tool just getting new features all the time!
Some months ago I mentioned there isn't much info about Autonomous Linux yet out there. Franck has a nice post on it now out!
Bobby had a presentation on OCI & Terraform, slides are available in Slideshare for deeper look.
Vamsi has a post on Autoscaling, how to use scheduling for pretty much anything!
Christoph has an article out on the ODTUG website on OCI CLI. Stay tuned for future articles!
And also a post on OCI Secondary VNIC routing, that routing might sometimes be tricky so good to get some guidance on this subject.
Todd has a post on Autoscaling as well, how to save some money by using it for your DEV environments.
Julian has a post on Autonomous Database Advisor, check the post on how to get started with it!
Martin has a post on cross-region Data Guard build on using Terraform, great stuff!
One post on something you haven't seen so much yet, how to use Oracle Traffic Management Geo-Location based Steering Policy.
Stephane has a post on how to implement reverse proxy on OCI Free Tier.

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

You have deployed Oracle Linux compute instance in your private subnet in OCI but can't update yum repositories. What could be a reason for this?

  • Check that you have service gateway created and are routing traffic for that as the yum repositories on Oracle Linux point to yum repository inside the region. Which is actually really good so traffic doesn't traverse to internet!
Question this week:

You have deployed VCN with a subnet and want to change the DNS Domain Name subnet is using, can you simply do an update for this?


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