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Well not quite! Did you already see announcements this week? Bunch of stuff coming and something which has been released already.

Larry announced on the new Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer concept, basically you get all the OCI services at your Datacenter. You just need to commit on 500k/monthly for three years to get it! So similar as you make commitment to OCI perhaps 30k/monthly, you always get charged for that 30k even though you wouldn't use services so much.

Check out also the FAQ for the service. Few things to remember, you still need to pay for DC costs, electricity etc. And also staffing! In the FAQ they mention that if you need staff from Oracle it can be arranged but with additional price.

Here is their blog post on the announcement, note that you will get Autonomous Database availability for Exadata Cloud@Customer as well. As usual some comparisons between AWS & Azure included.

What I think is cool with this, it can run also several SaaS applications Oracle has to offer. That could be an important feature for many!

From the blog posts section check the first one on ZDM, excellent series.

New Features

You can now re-encrypt an object if you change the master key for that object, more flexibility!
Data Safe can now be registered with Autonomous Database - DedicatedAuto. I believe earlier it was only possible with Shared infrastructure.
Autonomous Database - Shared now supports switching public endpoint to a private and the other way around! This is cool, if now only the Free Tier Autonomous would support private endpoint..
Also Limited Availability of IPv6 networking is coming if you need it.

Blogs & News

Bunch of posts about Zero Downtime Migration! You can use ZDM to migrate from OCI-C, on-premises or even from OCI to OCI. In the end of the post you can see links to other posts in the series. Really valuable info!
Lucas has a post on how Oracle Function can be Resource Principal, this way you don't need an API key for authentication.
Post on executing tasks with Python SDK on Oracle Data Integration, new service, new tricks!
Guillermo and Todd are running series titled Beards & Beers, they talk about lot of stuff so give it a go and have beer!

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

You have deployed VCN with a subnet and want to change the DNS Domain Name subnet is using, can you simply do an update for this?

  • You can't. You can update the name but to update DNS Domain Name for the subnet you need to re-deploy the whole subnet. Obviously if you have instances running there this might become tricky.
Question this week:

What are Dynamic Groups?


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