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Full circle is complete, I started this newsletter year ago and now year has passed! Thanks for the feedback and comments, it's great to get some input also.

If you were wondering why there wasn't a newsletter last week.. Well there wasn't anything to tell about! I don't want to spam you without any content so in the future I will do the same if we don't get any new things.

This week is great though, from Data Guard across Regions to Object Storage Replication all the way up to tag-based access control. Wow!

And Oracle Vault, new service or..?

New Features

Data Guard across Regions is now supported. Document still mentions you need to do this manually so I'm not sure if it's updated but this feature is anyway now there! Probably something what many have done already anyway..
Now you can replicate your Object Storage buckets either in the same or different Region. Wasn't this feature always here? Well no and that's been a pain! So thanks!
Use Object Storage retention rules to preserve data. Another good one, set retention rules on bucket level which gets applied to all objects under it. I would think this makes more people happy too who have been leveraging Object Storage.
For Slack users: Slack endpoint available so you can send for examples alerts to your Slack channel.
Now you can restart your Autonomous Database - Shared with a single click of restart button. Something we all wanted?
Tag-Based Access Control, you can write a policy which gives resources having tag defined required privileges. Just don't let everyone assign tags, right?
Bare metal and Virtual Machine DB's now support Serial Console for debugging issues through Console.
Last but not the least.. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vault! What's this? Well it's Oracle KMS but now that secrets are available as a resource they changed the name. I don't know yet much about using the secrets but Todd has few blog posts which you might want to take a look.

Blogs & News

Richard has some catches for the new replication features.. Like you need the Active Data Guard license for Cross-Region replication! And a really good end note about Database backups and can you replicate them.
A-Team has a post on managing secrets also, good technical post as usual.
And more from the secrets management from Oracle. I wish they would link the A-Team posts to these for them who want to dive deeper?
And here Todd talks about connection to ATP Database and managing Wallet stored as secrets.
Cameron has excellent post on using Oracle Functions to upload your OCI Usage Reports to ADW database. I just wish we could view usage reports out of the box in a nice dashboard!
Something more about Slack endpoint from an official post.
Did you notice OCI related learning content is FREE? And for next 45 days all OCI related certifications are FREE? And you can do all this ONLINE and FREE at your HOME? I really think this is an excellent opportunity to do some OCI certifications, just register and start studying!
Another post from Richard, connecting OCI and AWS with native VPN services. Usual tricks like no overlapping CIDR etc.. but is there more?
Triggering OIC integration with Notifications Service shall end this weeks posts!

Question of the week

Last week I asked:

What is the method of peering two VCN's on different regions and what limitation you have with it?

Answer: You use Remote Peering Connection which needs to be set on DRG (Dynamic Routing Gateway) on each VCN. You can't have overlapping CIDR blocks.

Question this week:

What is the difference between FastConnect public and private peering?


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