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Hope your Friday is going well! Bunch of important features this week, you can (finally I might add!) use versioning within your objects in Object Storage and schedule your Exadata infrastructure patching! Both really requested features from what I know.

And there will be some nice features for next week as well!

New Features

Let's start with Object Storage versioning. Perhaps it sounds like a minor feature but I think this is BIG for Object Storage. Earlier there was no good way to track older versions but now you can enable the versioning on bucket level!
You can also encrypt Object Storage objects using your own keys for Server-Side encryption. It's good to understand different encryption methods what are available in Object Storage!
You can now manage schedule for your OCI Exadata. You can schedule it for specific months, days, hours and so on. This is also something I really wanted to be available when I was last time working with ExaCS on OCI, makes life more predictable!
Couple updates to backups as well. You can schedule your volume backups across Regions! It might take some time until they appear there but the option is there. This along with cross-Region Object Storage replication makes designing different DR solutions easier. Remember that everything costs..
When you take a backup now the backup will have same tags as the source. Now if the earlier tags have been sufficient you only need to add those tags what you want in addition to existing ones.
Remember Resource Manager which creates stacks via Terraform. Now there are sample solutions for Resource Manager available which you can use.
Private endpoint for Oracle Data Safe! Now you can actually start using Data Safe for most deployments?

Blogs & News

Richard has a link to new OCI Cost Reporting capabilities and an unofficial link to use APEX to display that data.
A-Team has a nice post on OCI Load Balancer and health checks. Remember it's a typical question what you might get in the certification exam that your TCP health checks are failing, now you know why!
Official blog post from Oracle on how to create Autonomous Database through cloud shell. Too bad the github repo link doesn't work, would have been interesting to see what those scripts contain!
Here is way to create publicly accessible OCI VM 20c Database. I saw the preview version was just updated to version 20.3 as well.
Richard has also made a cool OCI SuperDelete script. Get rid of all your resources! I think this is good to keep close if you ever need to press that eject button.

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

How many Dynamic Routing Gateways can you attach to a single VCN?

Answer: Only one! You can attach only one VCN to a DRG and attach DRG also only to a one VCN.

Question this week:

What two default tags are applied to all your tenancy resources by default?


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