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So what did this week bring us! Something you might have noticed already last week - Flexible OCI Shapes and this week MySQL Service. In addition to those check the post on DNS forwarding from A-Team, if you are using RAC or Exadata and Custom DNS.. it's something you probably have run into!

And you probably saw already that Oracle landed Zoom as a new customer! One could think network costs weren't the smallest reason for using OCI, if you look OCI network pricing it's very competitive AND simple!

New Features

Flexible AMD shapes are now available! They are only available on few selected Regions and on selected Availability Domains inside a Region. But they are there! You can scale OCPU's up or down and the other components will be scaled based on those.
MySQL Service! Could there have been bigger question earlier why Oracle doesn't offer any low cost database service in OCI? But now it's there, while it's quite basic version I'm sure they will be improving it later on. Everything on server side is managed by Oracle.
Create Exadata Database from a backup! Another feature I know has been requested for a while, great improvement for anyone not wanting to do everything manually.
Autonomous Database Dedicated now supports Full Rack configuration as well. So if you have a need, they have it now..
There is a new instance_status metric now in Monitoring which tells you if an instance is.. up or down!
If you are using a paid account you can create support requests straight from the Help menu now. Who wouldn't want to talk with support?
You can now handle your Exadata Grid or Database patching via CLI, Console or API. More standards! Exadata patching has been interesting so far to say the least.
New Region available in Hyberabad, India. The Region code is YYD!
Oracle Cloud Agent is now available for Windows!

Blogs & News

How to setup OCI Data Guard with CLI, yes it's possible and it's actually quite easy too!
Here is nice post on using Traffic Management, DNS Service and WAF. Excellent to dive deep on using all of those together!
If you use Hub and Spoke design with your OCI network you might have noticed you need Service Gateway in each VCN if you want to access Object Storage directly. Well you can do it with virtual appliance too running on Hub VCN. Although do you really want to pay for it vs run Service Gateways?
How to update instance SSH keys? Here you go!
Martin has a post on using SSH keys on OCI! Good link to reference to someone who is looking on how to connect to their servers.
Some tricks with Terraform dynamic module and OCI DHCP Options. It's just one resource but learn it and you can use it for all your modules where you need the same approach!
Nice summary on OCI Certifications, LINK-O-RAMA! There is practice exam now available for OCI Operations Associate, why wasn't this available two weeks ago!
Don't know anything about OCI Go SDK, well check overview from here.
OCI Resource Manager, automating without skills! Well you actually need them at least a little bit..

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

What two default tags are applied to all your tenancy resources by default?

Answer: Tags are - CreatedBy and CreateOn. But as I got few messages on this already, it only applies to tenancies created after December 17, 2019!

Question this week:

What happens when you disable object versioning on your bucket?


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