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Happy Friday! Last two weeks Oracle has been pushing a lot of stuff out there, let's take a look what's new in OCI.

Cloud Guard and Security Zones are some of the most important features which have come out lately, did you know you can use them also for free?

I had some fun and tried out Cloud Guard on my personal account, for quick glance on my first impression on the service check out these tweets.

And new updates to Load Balancer Service, now you can change the shape of your LB after provisioning!

New Features

So Cloud Guard helps you monitor and identify security related issues in your tenancy. You can monitor specific compartments or whole tenancy, and best thing is - it's totally free! No reason for not to enable this in your tenancy and start looking on the recommendations.
You can also create Security Zones which essentially lock down your compartment with specific rules. If you try to violate those policies by doing something which is not allowed, then that action will be denied. Nice functionality for those critical resources you might have!
Final one of these new services is Security Advisor, from the description of the service I'm not yet fully sure what it does but it apparently it combines and streamlines workflows to enforce security what is required by Cloud Guard or Security Zones.
Custom Database Images are here, now you can create sort of golden-image which can be used to create and patch databases. Will need to take a closer look on this! It's supported for VM and BM databases currently.
You can now adjust Load Balancer Shape after it's been provisioned! It's topic what's come up many times and now it's possible, also using the small 10Mbps Free Tier shape is now possible.
Object Storage shows the contents in a virtual folder hierarchy now if you are using Console, noticed this few days ago and it makes visualizing the structure way easier!
Management Agent is a new service which provides communication between OCI and any other target and enables you to collect data from OCI services.
Autoscaling now supports Bare Metal compute instances as well! I'm eagerly waiting more enhancements to autoscaling hopefully in the near future.
Diagnostic interrupt let's you get diagnostic data from unresponsive VM compute instance. That's actually neat! Usually you are just stuck with figuring out maybe with help from support what's going on but this could be useful to make resolution faster.

Blogs & News

How many times with OCI you had to deal with AD and IDCS, here is post from A-Team how to do it easily.
Martin has been busy, OCI ATP refreshable clone with Terraform!
Post about free OCI learning services, if there is topic which interests you go and take a look!
Official blog post on updating Load Balancer shape dynamically. What's next for OCI Load Balancer?
And if Cloud Guard documentation seemed heavy, take a look on this post which summarizes it!
Same for Security Zones and Security Advisors, lot of security today!
Martin took a look on the Cloud Guard and Security Zones, good initial summary!
How to authenticate OCI CLI for federated users. You don't always get that native account so how to proceed in that case?

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

What happens for destination bucket when you set Object Storage bucket replication?

  • Destination bucket becomes read-only and is updated only be source bucket
Question this week:

What do Cloud Guard detectors do?


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