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Hope your Friday has been going on smoothly so far, it's been again two weeks since last newsletter and much has happened!

Don't know where to start with OCI? Take a look on this book from Luc and Adrian on Getting Started with Oracle Free Tier, super cool!

And Flexible shapes now support flexible memory, configuring all those weird configurations you think is needed is now possible. I've mentioned it before that I kinda like pre-defined shapes as they don't give you too much room to play around but for many this will be good improvement.

New Features

So Flexible shapes got even more flexible! You can customize the amount of memory allocated to a compute instance. Some limitations still exist, minimum memory is always the amount of OCPUs allocated. So 2 OCPUs, 2 GB memory is minimum.

Also each OCPU will support up to 64 GB of memory while maximum is 1024GB. Read details from documentation.

Of course there is always the official blog post about it which describes details nicely as well if you don't want to read docs.
BYOIP! Meaning you can now bring your own CIDR block and use it for your OCI VCN's / subnets and resources spawned in that VCN will use your CIDR block.

There are some validations and limitations which the documentation has nicely listed. Some potential use cases listed are: Lift & Shift Migrations, hard-coded dependencies, service differentiation and IP reputation.

This should be welcomed improvement for some existing and (hopefully) many new customers.
New region in Dubai, UAE is now open. Region code is me-dubai-1, welcome! As usual this region only has one Availability Domain. I wonder how popular some of the existing and to-be ME regions will be with only one AD.
API Gateway supports now Custom Domainnames and TLS Certificates. When you get custom TLS Certificate from Certificate Authority the request needs to include custom domain name.
There is now an AMD-based GPU shape with local NVMe storage available for Baremetal instances. I've yet to have pleasure to play around with any BM shapes in OCI!

Blogs & News

Thinking about autoscaling? Martin has made OCI Schedule-based Autoscaling easy with Terraform. Love these examples!
Martin also warns on mixing manual deployments and Terraform in OCI, but we all know it will eventually happen! Some people just like Console too much!
Cloud Shell, Python and Autonomous Database. How to use all of these together?
Longer post on what is secure inter-service communication in OCI. Very detailed and has some nice examples how to move forward!
How to create Kubernetes Cluster using Oracle Resource Manager in OCI. It's simple, load up the zip and create your stack!
Richard has made updates to OCI Autoscaling script, it's even more super it was earlier! Now supports ExaCS and Load Balancer scaling! I wonder if part of this would move to be an actual feature in OCI? Hmm..
He also has nice collection of links if you want to learn more about VMware on OCI.
Rodrigo has a post on provisioning ATP on OCI and how to access it using SQL Developer.
Julian compares 00
Martin connects to OCI IPSec VPN using Unifi Security Gateway.

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

What do Cloud Guard detectors do?

  • They do checks and identity potential security problems based on their configuration.
Let's talk about Load Balancers for few weeks! Question this week:

What happens when you change a Load Balancer shape?


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