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Happy Friday! What an interesting week, so many new features and posts that it's been exciting to read all about them.

Biggest announcement was the OCI Observability and Management Platform, that's the question which is raised by many when they look around OCI and think how they could start using services. But it's here now!

Platform will cover variety of different services which I'll go through below.

Also super interesting post from Rodrigo on how to get more information on those native backup buckets in OCI which we know so little about.

And I noticed mention about Exadata Flex shapes coming on Twitter which hopefully we can talk about next week!

New Features

OCI Observability and Management Platform announced.

It will cover variety of services like the announced Logging Service for centralized log management. Check the blogs section on how my first experience with Logging Service was.

Logging Analytics is also part of the platform, you should be able to take deep dive on your logging data and analyze it deeper and pinpoint any specific anomalies for example! To confuse everyone it seems Analytics and Logging both use different agents on the compute instances if you want to fetch OS data.

Application Performance Monitoring is also coming, it's now on Limited Availability for customers.

And what might interest for many is OCI Database Management which is also on Limited Availability. I'd love to get rid of OEM installations on OCI with multiple VCN's and variety of targets but even if you only monitor databases will this be enough?
Service Connector Hub is a new service which moves data between OCI services and also to third-party tools. Services like Object Storage, Streaming and Monitoring are use cases for it!
We've talked about VCN Flow Logs already earlier this year but they are also available for everyone now. There's a new OCI Splunk Plugin for example which you could use to ingest VCN Flow Logs.
New instance v2 metadata is available! There are specific steps to be taken if you start using it and specific images which only support it. So pay attention if you switch using v2.

Blogs & News

OCI Grafana Plugins are back! For whatever reason they were off for a while but now they are here and you can start using them again, I know this is good news for many.
Rodrigo took his detective hat and figured out how to get size of the native backup bucket in OCI, it's really annoying these buckets aren't visible by default so you are left wondering for example their specific size!

He also has post on how to enable yum repository with DBaaS.
How to setup Aviatrix User VPN on OCI, quite straightforward to get it set up and I've heard good things about Aviatrix so definitely worth checking if it would be a fit for you.
My first time experience with OCI Logging Service, it's good but leaves you frustrated on few setup related things which aren't so clear. For example why isn't the agent included in the OL image like said and why do I have to restart the agent before everything works? Small things but I doubt they would have been impossible to resolve before launch.
Also Stefan from Oracle has much smoother experience with Logging Service. :)
A-Team has a post on how to push Cloud Guard problems to Splunk using OCI SDK.

And they have another post how to integrate Cloud Guard with external systems using Functions and Events. Cool!
Want to know more about Log retention using OCI services? There is post here about it.
Martin goes into details about OCI Grafana plugin, easy to setup and start using!
There is also a new official Oracle page about Resource Manager, lots of interesting content worth checking on.
Lucas goes over the top with post on Oracle Functions, definitely worth giving 10 minutes to this!

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

What happens when you change a Load Balancer shape?

  • There might be a brief service interruption when the shape is changed
When does Load Balancer Health check give you Critical, Warning or OK status?


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