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What an exciting week(s)! There's been some really cool announcements with OCI. Did you see they have a new mobile app? While it doesn't apply for lot of use cases I think once it matures it could be pretty useful if you are managing stack of infrastructure for example. They've done official blog post on it too!

Did you miss my stream on OCI Basic Networking? It's available to watch here. Next time I'll be speaking on Transit Networking and DNS maybe somewhere next week! Subscribe on the YouTube channel to see the latest content.

While I don't see it in release notes, NoSQL Database has a free tier offering now as well.

And there is a new region, UK West (Newport). Welcome!

New Features

Have you heard about Run Command? While it isn't available yet on many regions I think it will bring value to many people running (hah!) something on OCI. It enables you remotely run commands on an instance without actually logging in. Useful for example troubleshooting instance issues or some Disaster Recovery scenarios!

It uses the Cloud Agent which is deployed on the instance to run commands.
Cloud Advisor is now available! One of the key releases past month from user perspective. It finds where you are shovelling your money and gives guided instructions how to reduce your spend.

Points to Oracle on making this a free tool available for everyone.
I've always had curiosity on OCI Resource Manager but it's been lacking few features to use it for anything else than deploying some demos. Well now one of those important features is here, it supports Terraform modules!

At some point you want to have reusable modules with your Terraform codebase so you can always call module to create resource in a similar fashion (and you don't need to write it each time). Now that's doable also with Resource Manager.
That's now all, if you've ever played around with Resource Manager you've noticed you have to upload a zip file. Now you can just upload whole folder there and be done with it!
And finally, if you are building shareable Resource Manager configuration for someone to deploy. Here are instructions how to have your own Deploy button available.
Now you can create Object Storage lifecycle policy rules, if you want to archive specific files after period time for example that's now possible.
Now specific Oracle Data Safe resources are stored in compartments. If you aren't doing it today with your Data Safe configuration it should be one-time activity to switch using them.

Blogs & News

Official Cloud Advisor post from Oracle going through the functionality. Very clear and informative at first glance in my opinion.
Have you used Rule Sets with your Load Balancer? They are extremely useful in variety of cases and they are quick to setup as well! I've used them in multiple cases even with Oracle EBS few times!
Remember Security Zones released few weeks back? This article goes deeper on how to configure them.
Post about Logging Analytics! Using Object Storage and Logging Analytics for OIC logs.
Javier has an example with OCI Service Connector, another new service released some time ago!
Oracle Cloud Guard default settings might be quite heavy or informative, but you can easily tune them.
Martin has an interesting post on using Network Security Groups and what happens if you just use the default security list! Be careful what and how you use.
Rodrigo has security related post on why you should inspect all policies you give on OCI properly.

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

What different methods of SSL handling do you have with OCI Load Balancers?

  • Terminate SSL on Load Balancer (frontend SSL)
  • Implement SSL between Load Balancer and backend servers (backend SSL)
  • End to end SSL where all traffic between client and backend servers is encrypted
That's it for questions! Next time we will have something else in this section.


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