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It's Friday! Some of the features came out already last week but as I couldn't write newsletter back then we will count them as new features anyway!

Did you see there is new consolidated login page for OCI now: cloud.oracle.com

There is also something new with OCI Start Page, check the features section!

From my side the biggest step forward is OCI Private DNS, I've done already few blog posts on it and will demonstrate how it works in one of my upcoming OCI streams as well. I'll be talking about Transit Networking and showing how you can build it today, at 9am Eastern / 3pm CET on my live stream.

New Features

Private DNS is here! Now you can consider getting rid of those Custom DNS forwarders and see if OCI's new feature helps you to setup required DNS easier compared to what it was. Read also about Private DNS resolvers from the documentation so you cover what steps are needed on VCN resolver.

There are few posts about it already. Oracle's A-Team has a post on setup.

I did few posts as well, part 1 goes deeper on the Views and Zones and what you need to do with them.

Part 2 is about setting up DNS between two VCNs and discovery how you can utilize a single Private View in multiple VCN's.
Did you make your VCN too small or is someone sending you multiple emails a day that your /16 is way too big? Modifiable network components have been released. I welcome this change! Even though you do some planning there is always some VCN which requires extension.
You want to know when OCI user last time logged in? This is now visible from the Console (only).
You can now use Console or API to update your Bare Metal or VM Databases to 19c. There are some pre-requisites in order for it to work. But read about it here. I'm interested on this in the long run how much people will start using this approach vs doing it manually!

Visibility and control is one thing which probably is still stopping on using it for many of us.
Bulk editing of tags is now supported for resources, makes it easier to apply those new tags everywhere. Because who ever has those tags available right from the start?
There is new tab for Dashboard after you've logged to Console which I think is super cool. Can we just make it the default one? Using OCI daily and I still haven't used any of the links on the Get Started page. I've already started!

Overview is excellent with resources, something what comes handy every now and then.
Bring your own IP now supports OCI Load Balancer. I'd suggest reading the whole documentation what they have, it's something I hadn't noticed yet that it's out there!
Need those Development tools provisioned quickly? Just provision a Compute instance which has all of them!
Small but useful improvement, your VM or BM DB administrator or TDE Wallet passwords can be managed through Console.

Blogs & News

Example how you can send OCI WAF logs to Logging Service.
Useful post about Instance Pools and Instance Configurations. There isn't much love on these or Autoscaling lately but hopefully they are still being used!
If you will read only one post from this newsletter check out how to recover your Autonomous Database in Cloud by Franck. It also provides good insight on RPO and RTO. But read about Private DNS too! :)
Martin explains how to use Ansible's Dynamic OCI Inventory Plugin with your playbooks.
Use Terraform to deploy Docker Swarm in OCI. Thanks for the good examples!
Deploy Wordpress in OCI and use MySQL service!
Want to learn more on OCI? These are some awesome tutorials which leverage OCI Free Tier so you can test them out!
Let's end this week with a details post on OCI Load Balancing.


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