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Happy Friday Reader! This week we have bunch of new features like Autonomous Data Guard for your Autonomous Database. You can also create & download SSH key on-the-fly when creating a compute instance, what a small but useful feature whenever you need quickly to spin up an instance!

And many of the services like Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure, Bare Metal, VM & Exadata Cloud @ Customer services have switched to use per second billing. If you are spinning up large number of resources this can make big impact to your bill.

What about Service Limit change so your limits are now based on total number of OCPU's on shape series instead of the old shape, you can also set quotas on number of total OCPU's which is rather useful!

New Features

When creating a Compute Instance you can have OCI create the key for you, check out section 11 from here. Sometimes I just want to go on the easy route and download key!
Gitlab can now be a source provider when you use OCI Resource Manager. I really like the idea of Resource Manager but so far uploading a zip and keeping up with the versions has limited my use of it just for demos. Maybe this feature brings new potential for it?
Autonomous Database now supports Data Guard, it's simple to enable and you can read all the details from here. Remember your Autonomous DB must be on version 19c so Data Guard is supported and obviously it will add to overall costs. Usual features like manual switchover or failover are there.

Do you think this feature will make Autonomous Database usage more popular?

See also this detailed post on Autonomous Data Guard.
Blockchain Cloud (or Platform) is now available in OCI! With my limited knowledge on it I'm just saying same what documentation says for now: "pre-assembled platform for building and running smart contracts and maintaining a tamper-proof distributed ledger."
OCI SDK for .NET is now available too! Good new addition.

Blogs & News

Franck has also post on the Autonomous Database Data Guard, very good information!
Rodrigo has a post on how incremental backups work in OCI, worth reading to get understanding what happens to incrementals and when!
Automate creation of secondary VNIC on Windows Instance, if you've struggled with this then no more!
Really good use case on Network Security Groups, I know I'm biased but they really fit on this specific case!
Check out this page which combines OCI community posts, ocigeek.com. Good way to find posts on a single page!
Leo Leung is hosting a virtual workshop on how to modernize your Weblogic Applications when moving to OCI. Check here how to register.
How do you actually use Vault Service? Here is post from Lucas on how to encrypt and decrypt keys!
How do you use OCI Data Integration and Fn together?
Did you know OCI Designer Toolkit has a query feature as well? It basically queries compartment specific resources, pulls them to the toolkit and draws a nice diagram on those!

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

What are Dynamic Groups?

  • Dynamic Groups allow you to make compute instance as principal actors, that way compute instances have access for example to specific services without you requiring to use keys on the server. Remember you can write matching rules based on tag, compartment ocid or instance ocid for dynamic groups.
Question this week:

What is the main difference between Network Security Groups and Security Lists?


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