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OCVS what..? Well obviously Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is now globally available!

Oracle has done things slightly different compared to other cloud vendors and to see details you should check this good post here, which has a nice comparison table as well.

Some other small and important new features as well, take for example more possibilities to edit your compute image after it has been launched and nifty resource discovery feature with Resource Manager!

There is a new Region available as well, us-sanjose-1 (West) - welcome! You might see from the table someone edited it quickly and lists it being in Phoenix as of time of writing this.

New Features

Some Autonomous Database updates - after you have scheduled patching window for your Autonomous Database you can immediately patch the container or the Exadata infrastructure before the actual window (find the paragraph with immediately from both links).
Block volumes now support Auto-tuning! When you set this on and when the block volume is detached the performance is automatically set to low cost option. Handy way to save some bucks! But I saw a good question on Twitter on this.. can you come up with realistic use case for this where this would be used? I'm sure there are some!
You can now rename your Autonomous Database Shared - small but useful feature when you are testing things out!
When you create a stack with OCI Resource Manager you can now use existing compartment as source for the stack and then continue managing it through Resource Manager. You can also filter to specific resource types and compartments. I think this is good feature to get everything on Resource Manager.

Does it make it use of Resource Manager more tempting.. maybe not yet in my opinion but it's good they are updating it now!
There is new Metric for Compute instances - maintenance status. Using it you can monitor when instance is scheduled for... maintenance!
Now it's possible to modify different instance properties after launching it.. such as Fault Domain, in-transit encryption, shape (not new!), volume attachment type or networking type. I like it.
When you go edit volume details you can now edit everything in a single volume, handy GUI update!
You can now configure Image capabilities for custom images, I didn't even know these existed! Have to go learn more on this topic.

Blogs & News

Sharding is possible with Oracle Database Cloud Service and as well as Kubernetes and Docker containers.
Jason has an interesting post on Annual Universal Credits and how you can save when ramping up services. And another post on VM shape pricing in OCI.
Nice new reference architecture on implementing SIEM system with serverless pipeline together with Splunk. Now we just need to see exact steps on implementing it, very interesting!
Jeff runs Blender on OCI, interesting statistics on shapes, cost and experience. Part 1 & Part 2.
A-team post on how to handle overlapping CIDR blocks with NAT GW's - I've found so many useful posts from these that they are always worth reading.
Another one - connecting Analytics Cloud to private Dedicated Autonomous Database. You will need a remote gateway to be installed so this will work.
Do you use Windows servers in OCI? This is how you automate failover to secondary IP address.
Ben has also a nice wrap up on the OCVS functionality.
Analysis on IaaS pricing trends, Oracle is doing pretty good! I think pricing is something Oracle has definitely gotten right - it's competitive and simple to figure out. But not always the reason why you should choose OCI!

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

What is the main difference between Network Security Groups and Security Lists?

  • Security List you apply on subnet level and Network Security Group on VNICs - using both you can make really good combination for overall network security management!
Question this week:

How does auto scaling work for Autonomous Databases?


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