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Happy Friday! Couple new features during last few weeks - I wanted to mention Autonomous JSON database as one of the biggest ones. And maybe OCI Powershell modules are something which will be interest to some of you!

Check out the new features section for more new features.

Did you notice Terraform 0.13 is out, I'm eagerly waiting for OCI provider support.

New Features

Autonomous JSON Database is document-based database running on Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure. You can use it for NoSQL type of applications and use SQL to query the database.
See details of OCI Powershell modules from here. Another way of managing your OCI tenancy and looking the current services covered it seems to be already in good shape!
You can register on-premises Databases to Oracle Data Safe by using private endpoints now. This is really handy feature as you probably will still have some databases running somewhere else than OCI and you still can leverage OCI Data Safe for them.
Autonomous Database private endpoints are now supported as well with Data Safe!
Small Object Storage update - lifecycle management of uncommited or failed multipart uploads so they are automatically deleted.
Oracle Linux 8 is available as oracle-provided platform image! This is nice, who wants to upgrade?
You can modify properties for your OKE new worker nodes in a cluster.
You can access private networks with your Data Flow application - configuring it is quite straightforward as well.
Performance Hub for Autonomous Database now has a Blocking Sessions tab as well.

Blogs & News

Remember that OCVS - Oracle Cloud VMware Solution? Richard has made a nice comparison to get you up to speed how it compares with other clouds. The table comparing Region availability is nice but perhaps it could be good to compare AD's as well compared to AWS.
Tim already has lots of info on the new Autonomous JSON Database, go check it out!
Oracle has their own official post about Autonomous JSON Database.
OCI CLI scripting, post from A-Team how you can override quickly the default configuration.
Short post how to list instances requiring maintenance through a compute instance authenticated via instance principal. Could be something to use with monitoring for example!
Shane had an issue with OCI Exadata Storage and he has nice blog post how to use FLEX ASM Disk Groups to regain storage.
Marcus has few posts about Auto Scaling, check them from here. Part 1 and Part 2.
Setting up Data Guard for Cloud Migration might sometimes be challenging, but do you know about Zero Downtime Migration? Nice post on how to migrate to ExaCS using ZDM.
Post about setting up Transit Networking to multiple VCNs using single DRG.
Christoph has a post on how to export OCI resources using Terraform.
And Gleb blogs about OCI Resource Manager resource discovery!
Jason continues his series on pricing, this time about Bare Metal pricing.
OCI reference architecture on Hybrid DNS, mix and match on-premises and OCI VCN and add on top of that Transit VCN and you are in for a ride!
How to launch OCI instance using Ansible roles.
Don't know yet much on the Autonomous Data Guard - check what Pieter from Oracle has to say.

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

How does auto scaling work for Autonomous Databases?

  • You can enable or disable scaling with Autonomous DB as you like and it can scale up to three times of the allocated CPU's. When there is demand it will scale up and when demand goes down so do the allocated CPU's.
Question this week:

How do you backup your File Storage Service mounts?


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