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MySQL Service which appeared in documentation already some months ago is finally GA. It took a while but it's great it's available so there are more DB options for you to consider.

Autonomous DB supports refreshable clones and you can clone fast provisioned VM DB's now, nice!

If you check posts section there is excellent post on Load Balancer debugging from A-Team, things what you might encounter when setting it up.

Finally, check the OCI Ansible collection if that's your thing!

New Features

Official blog post from Oracle on the MySQL Service. II you want to get into details you can see them from the documentation.

Not yet available on all the regions, above post has a good cost comparison as well for the service. (Although it's from Oracle of course!)
You can now clone fast-provisioned VM DB, it's easy!
New refreshable clones for Autonomous Database, so what are these?

It's a read-only clone from source and when you want update data you can just refresh the clone. You need to refresh the clone once a week minimum or it will become non-refreshable.
You can setup network sources on IAM to limit where people can login to Console. I hadn't done it earlier but this seemed to be possible from IDCS as well earlier!

Now we can just wait all those people who want super restricted access to their tenancy.
New version of oci-fss-utils-1.0-16.el7.x86_64.rpm is out for File Storage in-transit encryption! This includes a fix so iptables rules are not flushed out.
Small but super useful feature, set instance availability after maintenance. Should it be restarted automatically or left down after maintenance completes?
I don't know much (or at all) about Application Migration but you can now identify corrective actions based on the application status and migrate applications to all supported Regions instead of home region only.
Cipher Suites and TLS 1.0/1.1 support are now available for OCI Load Balancer. Keep those updates for OCI LB coming! When can we have more targets than compute instances?

Here is also official blog post on it with more details.
And Container Engine for Kubernetes now supports Flex shape E3!

Blogs & News

Julian goes through basics of MySQL Service and has some useful links where to start.
Did everything go wrong with your Load Balancer setup and you are not sure where to go from here? Check this A-Team post on how to troubleshoot issues.
Martin at FoggyKitchen has a nice post and video on OCI Resource Manager discovery.
Paresh has written on how to setup Email Delivery on OCI, some small tricks needed so good post listing everything you need.
Todd has upcoming webinar on Autonomous JSON Database, register for October 20th.
CI/CD pipeline for OKE using Terraform. Some good tips not just for OKE but overall to build your pipeline.
Dawaa has some posts on Geo Steering and Failover Policies with Traffic Management Service. But that's not all, also a post on using OCI DNS Service.
CIS Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations benchmark has been released, step-by-step security configuration best practises.
You can also do automatic Jira ticketing using OCI Events, Notifications and Functions. Pretty cool and detailed post where you can learn a ton how to use those services.
Video on Oracle Functions, it's only 17 minutes long and gives you nice view on how to start using them!
Did you miss on doing those OCI 2019 Certifications? Well you can view some courses for 2020 Certifications for free as well!

Question of the week

Last time I asked:

How do you backup your File Storage Service mounts?

  • Very easily, just use FSS snapshots! They are consistent, encrypted, point-in-time snapshots of your File System.
Question this week:

What happens for destination bucket when you set Object Storage bucket replication?


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