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Two weeks have passed and while there isn't huge amount of major new features, there's couple really good posts and minor features here and there!

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What's new?

Object Storage has now infrequent storage tier. It goes in the middle of Standard and Archive tier, is available immediately but with less cost. There's some other requirements related to getting objects and minimum storage retention.
OCI Resource Manager now supports private templates, you can easily share them across your tenancy.
Oracle Data Safe has now on-premises database connector. Which means it supports also databases outside OCI!
Oracle Cloud Agent supports now configuring individual plugins, meaning you can disable those ones which you don't necessarily need. Some of the plugins are named as agents so don't get confused!
Some UI improvements in the performance Hub. Makes using it easier!

Blogs & News

Remember in December when we saw mention about Roving Edge Infrastructure? Now there's official post on announcing it to be available for US Gov Cloud. It's basically edge device which you get and connect to OCI, this brings OCI services closer where you actually have the data.

If you don't have connection all the time, it doesn't matter! It can sync data if needed/when connection is there.

Also another post which highlights Roving Edge Infrastructure as well as other options Oracle has for @Customer.
Did you notice this post about L2 networks in OCI? Regardless if you see use for them or not this post deserves a honorary mention in my books! It's very detailed and goes into depth explaining how L3 and L2 networks works and what's done in OCI.

With my limited understanding of network I've yet to understand it completely. Definitely give it a read even though it might be complex topic! Or maybe it's just me..
Love scripting? Here's a bash script to refresh your Autonomous Database.
More handy Terraform tips from Martin! Here's what he has about data sources and interpolations.
Something new to learn, use SDKs to publish data to OCI Data Flow.
Here's A-Team post on how to configure Connection Manager for OAC private channel.


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