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We skipped newsletter last week since it was quiet week, don't want to spam your inbox with useless news. I'll send this whenever we have actual new features or news to share about!

Couple of new features came out in the past two weeks, nothing major but worth diving deeper on those.

What's new?

OCI Resource Manager now supports also Terraform 0.14! Perhaps it could have come earlier but to have that support is great. You always want to start using new version of Terraform when it comes out, usually there are few features which make your life easier or perhaps some critical bug fixes.

Btw, have you seen the new developer.oracle.com page? I think it's awesome! Very nice work from Oracle to renew this page.

For all you network geeks out there! OCI VPN Connect now supports policy-based routing for up to 50 encryption domains. Instead of route-based tunnels you define policies against IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR blocks.

Here's also the official blog post from Oracle which tells you more about this.
Something cool for OCI Registry - it now supports compartments! Which obviously enables you to have more control on who can access specific registry in a compartment. Nice!

They also released Registry API which is available for use.
Cloud Advisor got few new updates.

There are few new recommendation flows for Cloud Advisor as well which sound really good. Deleting block/boot volumes, stopping idle instances, resizing unused Autonomous Database and creating lifecycle rules. Sweet!

You can also customize and override your recommendations. This is good new functionality so you get everything setup more on how you actually need it.
This is actually great, you can assign CUSTOM IP to your VM DBCS (non-RAC) when creating it. I can think few cases where you might need it from actually provisioning it with specific IP to creating new DBCS and making it have same IP as the old one had.
Some new custom export formats for your VM images.

  • QEMU Copy On Write (.qcow2)
  • Virtual Disk Image (.vdi) for Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Virtual Hard Disk (.vhd) for Hyper-V
  • Virtual Machine Disk (.vmdk)
Cross-region volume backup copy supports now incremental copies! There are several cases when full backup is required. Read them from the documentation.

Blogs & News

Let's start by a recent post I wrote! This time it's about OCI Design with Availability Domains, some things which I think are important to understand when you are designing your application in OCI.
Julian has a post on 100 automatic features for Oracle Database - while it's not completely related to Autonomous there are several features listed which relate to ADB. Check it out!
Use Cloud Shell and CLI to explore Marketplace listings. Pretty cool to have that option to automate some things if needed.
Martin has a post on on-premises Database Performance Management from OCI. This first part covers how to get the management agent installed, stay tuned for upcoming posts!
We all know Tim's oracle-base pages - he has some good things on how to get started with Terraform. Definitely worth reading!
Prisma Cloud, Palo Alto and OCI?


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