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Happy Friday! Seems Oracle is releasing on two week cycle so last week being quiet and this week being packed with stuff!

Some of the new features will change how you design your systems so documentation on Network Load Balancer and Reserved Capacity is definitely worth browsing through!

Check out the community posts out there, there's also interesting open source tooling available for OKE!

What's new?

Let's talk about Network Load Balancer, did I mention it's free? I don't want to give Oracle too much credit, their pricing might seem complicated since there are so many resources what you aren't charged for!

Good reads for NLB - official documentation and official release announcement which has good details on it!

You can provision either public or private NLB without any bandwith configuration requirements. It supports TCP, UDP or both - to specific backend ports or if you choose TCP/UDP with port 0, then all traffic will be forwarded. There's a use case for that if you for example use firewall appliances and want to load balance traffic - this has been constant ask what I've been hearing so it's great to see it available! Below picture has good example on it. (Picture stolen from official documentation!)

Reserved Capacity! Cool thing here is that there are no size or time commitments. So you don't need to pay years worth of capacity if you need it only for couple of months. That is of course, if you have it available!

So, key thing would to find balance when to reserve that capacity which you need on day X without paying for it 6 months early 85% of the actual cost.

In a way, I'd also argue that should we be concerned about capacity in general? Is this Oracle's way of saying we don't know what will happen with our Region capacity so you should be reserving things just in case?

Official announcement post is also here.
OCI Marketplace supports community images! This will be really cool thing in the long run, you can create images available for everyone. Hopefully we will see some good images for everyones availability! Custom Developer image FTW!
Small but very useful trick, you can transfer files to/from Cloud Shell!
Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 5.29.52 PM
Autonomous Database - Shared has now maintenance history available for viewing pleasures.
Load Balancer has now new routing policies available. These will eventually replace old route rules which will still be active until 2022. Now you'll have more options with conditions you want to route requests on!

Official announcement with HTTP/2 support is readable here.
E4 shapes are now generally available. Seems like E3 was here yesterday?
If your backend infrastructure fails, OCI will automatically do recovery on healthy backend infrastructure.
Data Science has new Model Deployment feature.
Good add - MySQL Service now has events which you can use.. with Events!
Database Management Performance Hub supports now on-premises databases. Announcement here!
I saved one of the biggest announcements to last, Private Kubernetes clusters are (finally) available! This has been concern for many so, it's great to see this feature available for everyone.

Official announcement is here.

Blogs & News

Martin has a post on how to create DBCS instance from backup via Terraform! I would guess this could become useful if you need to provision lot of new test instances from backup for example.
Martin has another DBCS post on creating DB from custom binaries, super useful feature!
Julian writes about OCI Database Management features, good read!
I'm excited on this post of mine, DNS with Transit Networking! It's first part of the series and goes through basics of DNS between VCNs. Hopefully it gives you good idea what you can do with it, I'll include Custom DNS in the upcoming posts which is more common amongst implementations.
Some time ago I also wrote about how to get notifications from Cloud Guard problems, definitely worth setting it up. Some minor observations on the service too.
Cool post on using Cloud Guard here too. They also speak on some of the problems with Cloud Guard which is interesting.
Awesome open source work - Cameron told me about OKE autoscaler tool which is released. These are really useful for the community!
David has a great post on Data Integration, I don't know much about the service myself but good to get more insight with these!
What about new Golden Gate Cloud Service in OCI? Bobby wrote on the initial setup on it!
Guillermo and Todd kicked off season 2 of beards & beers series. Is S2 just another Friday night for them? In that case S2E10 could be epic!
Finally, how to insert 1 million rows to Autonomous Database.


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