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It's Friday, again! Some of you might be enjoying day off today but there's bunch of interesting stuff what Oracle released so be sure to check this later!

One major feature is obviously MySQL High Availability which has been ask for anyone thinking of using MySQL service for production workloads. It's great to see it being released now!

Also Oracle has announced their Oracle Cloud Lift Services which helps customers to migrate workloads (simple ones) to OCI for free.

What's new?

Let's start with OCI Vault! Have you used it to create secrets and then noticed there's no way to easily replicate them to another Region? Well now you can! OCI Vault supports replication of Virtual Private Vaults to another Region.

Very nice feature, will save lot of time to do everything via script!
Vulnerability Scanning Service! You can use service to report any port vulnerabilities, OS packages requiring an update, OS configurations or industry-standard benchmarks (CIS) against hosts.

It's also integrated with Cloud Guard so you can see all your vulnerabilities through Cloud Guard dashboard. This is pretty sweet!
Database Management can now monitor tablespaces and database parameters for your (on-premises) databases.

Good addition, we need more DB monitoring capabilities available. And what is critically needed are better overall monitoring capabilities for DBCS and ExaCS. Compare what you can do with OEM which should be minimum you can do in OCI as well.

Official Oracle announcement also here.
New IAM policies! Time-based policies give you possibility to have your policies be in use only on specific time. For example certain actions could be done only during month-end closing period.

Variables available are:

  • request.utc-timestamp
  • request.utc-timestamp.month-of-year
  • request.utc-timestamp.day-of-month
  • request.utc-timestamp.day-of-week
  • request.utc-timestamp.time-of-day
MySQL Service High Availability, it uses Group Replication which has two standbys available and depending on your region they can be in different Availability Domains or Fault Domains.

Oracle has official announcement available here.
Remember Network Sources? You could previously limit access to OCI Object Storage or Console from specific network source. Now that's extended to all Oracle services! So restriction can be done with all services when you write IAM policies.
Logging Analytics got bunch of new features! I see more and more interest in this service so it's great it's getting updates. Full list on the updates on the link.

Blogs & News

Martin has nice idea on device name persistence in OCI with Terraform! This becomes really useful if you have bunch of related instances you spin up through modules and then use map which iterates block volumes through.
Dave has a post how you call OCI CLI from ODI. Just shows there's always ways to achieve things you need to do!
Check Point CloudGuard Network Security now integrates with OCI Flexible Network Load Balancer. Now there's a topic! Just shows from their point of view similar what I mentioned in the last newsletter, this is really good use case for NLB in OCI.
Creating Users in Autonomous just got easier with Database Actions by Jeff Smith!
Also Oracle ZDM has got a new version which is discussed here. It's definitely worth evaluating if you are considering migration as it supports wide range of options.
How to setup Oracle Analytics connections to remote regions. Nice use of Private DNS here and shows what you can do with!
Not directly related to OCI but have you thought how to manage your Terraform workflows? One possibility is Atlantis, I've heard some companies use it so this was interesting to see it's used at Lyft!
Oracle is looking for Product Manager to be part of building new services for OCI. Interesting!


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