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This week most of the released features came out on Tuesday, 6th of April. Somebody was triggering everything out on that day which surprised me for sure!

Biggest new feature for me was Block Volume Cross-Region replication. Didn't that come out already last year you might think? But no! That was only cross-region backup replication, this time it's the real deal. This will help on building your Disaster Recovery solution without you actually scripting the filesystem sync.

What's new?

So Cross-Region volume replication is out. It's really good for DR like I mentioned but also for example migration use cases between Regions.

There are still some limitations when you can't use it but it's definitely something what most customers have been waiting on. Oracle promises data to be transferred typically within an hour when it's been created in source volume. On the destination side you will have replica, from which you will create Block Volume when needed, I'll be testing this out soon!

Official announcement with nice screenshots is here.
Small but useful improvement, Administrators can now opt-in or opt-out on email announcements! Good way to keep yourself updated on any potential actions you might need to take.
Route filtering for FastConnect allows you to specify routes which are advertised through BGP to your on-premises network when using Public Peering.
Update to OCI Container Images, you can now sign images, so images which are stored in OCI Registry can be verified. This helps to gain additional trust & security during deployments. You sign the images my using encryption key from OCI Vault!
I got confused with this update at first, schedule-based autoscaling? I thought it's a new feature but it's actually improvement so you can schedule stopping and starting of instances with this.

You will need to create lifecycle action for starting and stopping of instances based on schedule. This sounds really good for some specific workloads! If you're using autoscaling I'd love to hear your use case to understand where they are being used.
Pre-authenticated requests for OCI Object Storage get some improvements.

These are the new supported features:

  • Read any allows GET of any object in a bucket
  • Listing the objects in a bucket
  • Prefix matching to filter objects in a bucket
You can now clone also VM RAC DBCS systems. They say it might take a long time, like an hour, but I think that's pretty good for most of the requirements!
Finally, support for Kubernetes Autoscaler project! So autoscaling for OKE as well.

Blogs & News

I'm continuing my DNS investigation in OCI, this time adding Custom DNS in the mix. Lot of times you can't use the standard Oracle DNS resolver so it's good to have some options and know what you can do. Hope this one helps you!
Another post on DNS, how to migrate your AWS Route 53 Domain to OCI!
And another migration! FoggyKitchen has moved completely to OCI.

Something I should do with my blog as well. Maybe we'll look on it during upcoming months! Right now my site still runs on GCP as initially it was the cheapest option. :)
Remember NLB and Palo Alto, here's an example how you can use NLB with your Palo Alto.
More DNS goodness, this time from A-team, what about DNS between AWS & OCI?
Here's a long whitepaper from Hashicorp (and I guess Oracle) on operating model in OCI.


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