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Let's get back to the new stuff with OCI! Past week was quiet due to US Thanksgiving and we still don't have much to write about but luckily there is something!

MySQL Analytics Engine was officially released yesterday and there are some good links below on what that is. Also now you can do DB upgrade for Exadata's from the Console as well, remember the feature came out some time ago for VM DBCS (and it actually works! I've tried it out few times).

New Features

Leo has great official post on MySQL Analytics Engine covering details. And of course they had to mention AWS in this post as well, really?

Analytics Engine official documentation can be read also if you want to know more.
Exadata Cloud Service supports DB upgrade to 19c. This is great news for everyone looking to upgrade! I still think documentation is somewhat shallow in this as you probably want to do some additional pre-checks yourself and also they don't go into details about post-checks.

While the upgrade has worked for me really smoothly when testing, what you see from Console could be improved.
Oracle Data Safe has now on-premises connector so you can connect those databases to Data Safe without having FastConnect or VPN.
Small but nice improvement, you can create API signing keys from Console without need to do it yourself anymore.
Oracle Management Agent supports now Oracle Linux 8 and RedHat 8. Nothing special here but just good to get that support.
New Region! sa-santiago-1 welcome! Can you guess where this Region is before looking from documentation?
MySQL supports now Inbound replication from on-premises to MySQL DB Service in OCI. Some limitations exist so good to read docs through!

Blogs & News

A-Team explains how to use SSH Forwarding in OCI.
Did you miss my stream on OCI Transit Networking, here I'm going through how to build it and connect from my AWS on-premises!
Martin has awesome post on OCI Data Transfer Service, something you don't use constantly but it's good to know how the process works when you need it.
Slightly OCI related, Terraform 0.14 with some nice new features is now GA! Let's see when provider and Resource Manager start supporting it.


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