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This is our first issue of 2021 OCI Weekly Newsletter and while we have almost four weeks to cover we don't have huge amount of new features. I know there will be lot of things coming up during next couple months so this newsletter shall serve as a warmup for things to come.

Lot of services have been made available to different regions so if you've been missing some specific one on region you normally use I'd probably check if it's now available.

What's new?

Exadata Cloud Service now supports customer-managed encryption keys from OCI Vault. This is exactly kind of integration what is required with different services in OCI and this has been frequent ask also if TDE keys can be stored somewhere.

Hopefully this feature comes for VM DBCS as well in the future!

Oracle has published their own detailed intro on using customer-managed keys as well.
If you use OCI Functions you know there's a need to give bunch of policies to get things rolling. Now there's a template which you can use and quickly apply those policies!
More integrations! OCI Service Connector Hub supports now Logging Analytics as a target, no more hacking to get the data moved to Logging Analytics required.

Again more detailed post on the new feature here.

Blogs & News

Sve has bunch of really good posts, some which I forgot to include before holiday break as well.

There are couple posts on provisioning the new ExaCS X8M which are really spot on! Take a look on provisioning and scaling of X8M in OCI. Scaling feature will be really useful for many customers in the long run.

Another post on upgrading ExaCS databases to 19c.

And finally provisioning 19c DB on ExaCS fails! Great info all over, thanks for posting these!
I took a stab on OCI CLI scripting with OCI Vault, had to bulk delete some secrets. Maybe a special case but I thought writing it out might help someone with OCI CLI Scripting.
Gaurav has official Oracle post on OCI Resource Manager, it has couple new features such as adding a button on page which can launch a Resource Manager stack. That makes using pre-created stacks easy!
Martin has few new posts, first one being about OCI Flexible Load Balancer and the other one about VCN CIDR block extensions.
Did you know how to setup and configure the new APEX service on OCI?


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