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This week few really good new features for OCI, the first one being scheduled backups for Volume Groups! Why is it good, well check below.

In addition we see a new service with Database Management and some minor improvements with ATP and Resource Manager.

What's new?

So let's talk about automated Volume Group Backups, why are they good thing? Well for one, up until now you've had to do lot of scripting to have volume group backups running. This will ease to setup cross-region copies of Volume Group Backups and overall reduce amount of scripts you need when you set things up.

Official documentation has more details on this.
Database Management is here, but only for your on-premises databases now! I'd expect it will be extended for OCI databases soon as well. This means you can group your databases together when needed and monitor and detect any configuration or performance related issues using Database Management Service.

Official documentation has more details on this.
Resource Manager Drift Detection has now possibility to detect drift only on specific resources in a stack. Useful feature for sure if you are utilizing Resource Manager!
This one I wasn't sure how to write on.. Autonomous Database Dedicated (ADB-D) on Exadata Cloud @ Customer supports now Access Control Lists for restricting Access to Autonomous Data Guard Enabled Autonomous Databases.

Let that sink in and enjoy the weekend!

Blogs & News

Pieter has good post on what you need to do with Autonomous Data Guard role transition, I won't tell it here so go read it!
Martin has a tip how you handle Oracle Linux image versions in Terraform.
Some basic info to get you started on how to migrate Teradata and Netezza to Autonomous Database.
OKIT, OCI Designer Toolkit has now Documentation support using Markdown. Takes slight effort to get it running but I definitely recommend you to try OKIT and see if it helps you!
Are you GovCloud user? Now you can use OCI Marketplace as well!
Nice little trick for OCI Console Search.


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