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Things are kicking off! Oracle announced support for Arm-based shapes and the really cool thing with those is that you'll get 4 OCPUs for free with Arm shapes. So use four 1 OCPU instances or one 4 OCPU server. That's sweet offering which will definitely interest many.

Also few features are now available on all commercial Regions - DRGv2 is out (yes!) and also Database Migration.

What's new?

For all VMware people out there, HCX Enterprise license is now option as billed upgrade for OCVS. Using the Enterprise license brings additional capabilities which you can see mentioned in the official announcement post.
Support for ARM-based shapes is here! Shape is named A1 Ampere. If you don't know what ARM-based shapes are I'd recommend to start from the official documentation, it has some good all around explanation available. Arm shapes are also customizable as you require.

The announcement post has some overview also on the capabilities and comparison to other processors. Check the blog & news section for more flexing!

Oracle Cloud Developer platform image is also available for Arm-bases shapes.
You can retrieve Vault secrets now by name as well (RBN). Retrieve By Name functionality!
Database Management adds AWR Viewer so you can view on-premises DB AWR reports. I'm liking DB management service more and more, they should just bring the support for DBCS and ExaCS and it would solve lot of ongoing confusion with monitoring.
!Have you ever deployed Bastion (Jump) server on OCI and had to create public subnet just for the sole purpose of getting access to your private servers? No need anymore! Bastion Service is a managed service which can be used for logging in to your private subnets. Best parts? It's a service you can manage and control by IAM policies.
Exadata Cloud Service supports non-rolling patching updates now as well. Why'd you want to do it? Reduce maintenance time is obviously one. But remember, doing it non-rolling will require downtime!

Blogs & News

Let's continue with Arm. Here's some first impressions when customers have used those shapes.

Java + Arm + OCI.

Arm tuning for advanced(?) users.

And final one which I will include is moving to Arm-based compute.

I think that's enough for one newsletter, there was other posts on specific softwares supporting Arm-based shapes etc so browse around and read yourself!
What's this? o is an addon to CLI which brings in usability benefits and learns how you use CLI. I only saw this today so I have to give it a deeper dive to understand how it works!
Want to see how Bastion Service works? I took it out for a test drive! Using Managed Session is definitely easy and useful, will we get browser based version somewhere in the future as well?
Martin has a post on how easy it is to upgrade DRG to DRGv2. Remember there might be short downtime for your tunnels when you upgrade.
Nice A-team post on how to connect to private Autonomous Databases using Connection Manager.
A-team post on Layer 2 networking support on OCI. As they say there, it's not available yet but definitely worth reading!
Sweet Terraform stack which you can use to try out Oracle Fleet Patching! I really like these pre-made stacks as it makes you always learn something how people use Terraform as well.


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