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Nothing much came out during previous week so here we are two weeks later!

Few interesting announcements, first one is the ultra high performance for block volumes. I'll cover it deeper on next sectio!

Some really good community posts this week as well, it's nice too see different ideas coming which give you better understanding on some areas you haven't used. And I've been testing Database Migration service, with various challenges. More on that in future blog post. :)

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What's new?

Ultra High Performance for Block Volumes gives you up to 300k IOPS, I was just telling someone that even 10k used to be high some time ago!

And pricing is actually made really simple, you pay for standard storage per GB for any block volume performance type and in addition you pay for performance units assigned. Maximum performance for UHPs is 120 units.

Official documentation has performance characteristics listed out nicely. Be sure to check it out.

I'm usually against comparing against AWS or other cloud providers but here it would have been nice to see that with AWS io2 block express volumes!
Remember File System Clones from Snapshots? Now you can create clones from those snapshots officially! I touched this on Weekly Recap #78 but at that point in time documentation wasn't available, perhaps there was a delay?

Nice thing which you might remember is that you only pay for the changed delta, not for the full clone.
When you create MySQL Database from backup you can now expand the storage for the new DB system. Good to see new features being rolled out for MySQL system as well! We need more options which don't cost a fortune for smaller implementations.
Bunch of updates for Logging Analytics:

Pre-built customizable dashboards for audit logs, VCN flow logs and API Gateway

Autonomous Database Log support

Streamlined Onboarding (Video)

Interactive Metric Widgets
Bare Metal shapes now support in-transit encryption too.
I really feel this is something Oracle has gotten right so far, the amount of free services is amazing! You can do variety of different things with everything you can provision for free.

And remember most of the networking stuff is free as well so you can test around as much as you need and learn at the same time!

Blogs & News

Super nice! You know the OCI CIS Landing Zone Template?

Well A-Team has a post to consolidate log files when you use that template, pretty cool!Q
Paul Cankair has written VERY good post on the new DRG enhancements covering multiple different use cases. If you are in doubt of something, this post is good reference on things!

Architecture Center has diagram for new DRG transit usage as well.
Something about Terraform - did you see Terraform is finally 1.0? I think it's been there for long time already given the widespread adoption but nice to see this!

There's a post on how you harden your OCI provider security with OCI.
More use for OCI Logging and Logging Analytics: Capturing Weblogic logs and analyzing them.
What if you want to migrate from Amazon Aurora to MySQL Services (MDS), how to migrate users? Here you go.
Todd has detailed post on the new Bastion Service, very easy to setup and start using! If you don't remember, using this service gives us way to terminate all those self(un)-managed bastion hosts.
Julian has post on Heatwave on OCI MySQL Database. It's (also) pretty easy to take into use as long as you provision right shapes from the start!
How to migrate to Autonomous Database using ZDM.


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