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Few interesting announcements! PDB cloning is now available for VM DBCS which I will drill down below.

Larry was announcing Oracle Support Rewards on Tuesday, I'm really hoping this would be catalyst for those who are doubting something on financials to think on migrating/starting to use OCI. There's a good detailed post on the Support Rewards and what it means here.

More you use on OCI, the more discount you get for your license fees! So depending on the size of your infrastructure or OCI usage, this could be a large sum. Hopefully this encourages people to start bringing other workloads to OCI as well apart from legacy ones.

What's new?

Let's talk about Pluggable Databases! Earlier if you provisioned VM DBCS you had the pluggable database created but anything after that you had to do manually. Well no more! Now you can create, delete and clone PDBs through APIs or Console.

This is awesome! More functionality supported by tooling just makes generic operational things easier. When these are supported by APIs then operations are done in similar fashion each time. Less errors!
For any Kubernetes people out there - those clusters which were created earlier outside your VCN can now be migrated to be inside VCN. This way API endpoints for you cluster are accessible through VCN!
New registration features for Oracle Data Safe, for any supported DB registration there is wizard available. You can still register DB's manually as well.
MySQL service supports new configuration values, this improves compatibility for your legacy installations.
Did I mention Java Management Service already earlier, now here's the official announcement! It basically gives you an overview what versions you are running and if they're missing any security updates etc.

Really useful for those implementations where you have different versions of Java installed here and there for different purposes.
Events Service supports new Database Critical events now! Things like Archiver hung, database unavailable, ORA-600 etc are supported and you can configure to receive alerts using Events Service.
Cloud Guard supports new Activity rules. Both are related to Bastion Service.. Bastion Created or Bastion Session Created.
Terraform 1.0 is out and OCI Resource Manager supports it too! Feels like we've used Terraform for ages so getting to 1.0 sounds odd. You can more and more cool stuff for more advanced use cases with it so it's getting just better and better. I wonder where we are with Terraform in few years?

Blogs & News

Let's continue with Bastion, Todd has a post on how to use Bastion Service and he has included short historical introduction for Bastion as well. Neat!

It just shows how easy it's to use the service.
Good security related post on how that's baked into the cloud. It's worth reading!
Aviatrix Firenet Terraform module, with this you can automate your Firewall deployment on OCI.
Super interesting series of post on A-Team page about Governance.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

I somehow missed this A-Team post on building encrypted channels on OCI earlier. Lot's of interesting stuff on TLS!
What about deploying APEX on OCI with Terraform? Super easy!
DB tools git repo has some cool OCI stuff as well! About ORDS and Bastion this time.
Niranjan wrote about new OCI DRGv2 capabilities together with Azure Interconnect. I've already seen multiple customer cases where we've had huge benefits on DRGv2 and how it enables us to do more advanced routing.


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