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Some minor updates, new posts, and new service OCI DevOps! I was planning to try out DevOps but seems I still have some learning to do with it, as I couldn't get it working yet. More on that below.

Did you see OCI Blogs page got a refresh? I'm not sure if I'm a total fan yet on it, more scrolling to find everything new.

What's new?

DevOps service came out, I can't wait to learn on how to use it! You can use it to build your CI/CD pipelines for Compute, OKE clusters or Functions via Artifacts. Artifact Registry is another new concept which is used together with DevOps service to store and manage the software packages you use when you deploy your pipelines.

Official documentation for DevOps and Artifacts.

To be honest, I tried the OCI quickstart for Compute, but the code didn't get deployed successfully and I still have hard time understanding the correct setup. For me the documentation feels slightly light to get started so getting some good hand-on example with details will be helpful! (Including details about Artifacts).
Fractional OCPU's and GB storage allocation for Autonomous (Dedicated / C@C) Databases! With latest version you can create DB's using as low as 0.1 OCPUs which I think is really great.

Once this gets available for Shared Autonomous DB's I think it will make it easier for people to adopt Autonomous. Really cheap and well performing DB for your dev/test workloads, awesome!

Scaling increment for storage is also with 1GB increments starting from 32GB so you don't need to allocate right away that 1TB when you don't really need it.

Official documentation has details as well.
Oracle Developer image is now available for Intel and AMD as platform image. I like that it's packed with everything you might need.

Also just today I noticed you can use Cloud Shell easily with Functions too, good developer capabilities! (this is really old post too so I haven't paid attention so much)
Performance Hub added ability where you can create, view and download active reports from your external databases.
Data Catalog gets some new features with new version! It's pretty comprehensive list of new stuff which is nicely listed out in the official blog post.
Email Delivery Service now has service logs available, they tell you if your messages were delivered OR not. Very useful to be able to see if you're having some issues.

Blogs & News

NEW BLOG ALERT: Always good to find new blogs on OCI! Abhinav writes here about Private DNS on OCI, he has some other posts as well so be sure to check out the page.
Details on how to work with Flow Logs, they have a lot of useful information available when you know how to read them.
OCI Bastion Service and how'd you use it to support private OKE clusters.
Some details on how to troubleshoot VPN Connect issues! This is really good information, I recently was setting up connectivity with a customer to their VPN and we had some issues where we had to look on logs so hopefully if you haven't checked them earlier, this would help in case of issues.
Useful post on MySQL DB Service, PHP and authentication.
Remember Terraform Cloud but haven't seen it used? Here's post which has some information how the workflow goes when using it.
Andrei goes into details with new DRGv2 and how to use routing and network appliance to filter all data through it. Loving these cases as these typically come up with customers!
Are there such thing as intelligent APEX applications? Read this post to learn more.
How Exadata Cloud Service can be used Cross-AD or Cross-Region, good information here. Note that many of the extreme use cases require setting them up manually and is not supported by native tooling.


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