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After taking week off we're back! Not too many updates but a new service, Anomaly Detection Service and a major update on the Big Data Service.

Last month been quiet on bigger feature updates but we might see soon some interesting things coming up!

Did you notice there was larger unavailability yesterday - OCI Status page incident history some details. Seems issue was related to Akamai having some issues, luckily it only lasted an hour! Still a long hour for some, if you were impacted hopefully everything got up and running quickly!

For service status, OCI Status has main page to see availability.

OCI Professional Architect exam supposedly gets an update soon for 2021 and there's a new certification with Database Cloud Migration and Integration 2021 Specialist.

What's new?

OCI Support Center gives you overview on your SR's, has links to documentation and you can even chat with support! I haven't tried the chat yet. I really like SR integration with OCI, one feedback I'd have is that sometimes it's hard to know what information from OCI is passed to support and what you should still enter in the SR.

We all know it's good to enter as much as you can but..

They even remember my really old SR when I switched my account to paid one! :)
Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 7.09.54 PM
Another new service - Anomaly Detection Service! You can monitor unwanted changes and perform observations in your business data with it. Waiting for some more deeper into on it!
Small but useful feature, if you're using VCN or VPN wizard and close to reaching your service limit there's notification on that. AND a button to request service limit increase.
MySQL Service supports tag based access control. Using tags is really useful and controlling access via them is one way. Just make sure the person who manages resource can't modify the tag if it gives more access to them!
HUGE update on the Big Data Service, you can create Oracle Distribution with Hadoop now.

Here's the official blog post also to get more details.
You can now modify Data Guard protection mode for VM and BM DBCS and ExaCS. Available options are Maximum Protection and Maximum Availability.

Blogs & News

Remember DRGv2 supports Equal-cost multipathing? There's a really good overview on it on the a-team blogs.
From security side OCI CIS Landing zone template is now on v2. Link has all the details on it, even if you wouldn't use it you can still get some good design ideas from it.

That's not all though, here are some deployment modes for OCI CIS Landing Zone.

And what about Cloud Guard support in the same Landing Zone?
Have you heard YugabyteDB? You can run it also on OCI Free Tier!
Here's solution blueprint on the new OCI DevOps service and GitHub Actions. Very clear diagram but I'd still want to see how to actual build the stuff, I've been playing with DevOps Service a bit but it's still hard to grasp all concepts on it!
EBS Cloud Manager / Automation has new version out there. They've added a bunch of stuff there during last 12 months and I'm interested to see how the product works nowadays and how well you can use it for migrations.
Do you know about Leapp utility? It can simplify your Oracle Linux upgrades from version 7 to 8.
Martin has short & simple guide how to install perf to Ubuntu when it runs on OCI.
How to use Customer-managed keys with ExaCS.
Some basics about OCI Observability & Monitoring platform and agent deployment.

And continuing on same theme how to ingest those logs into Logging Analytics.
How to deploy GlusterFS on OCI, it has everything from Terraform modules. Cool!


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