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Two weeks since the last newsletter! I'm not saying there weren't many new updates but there weren't many new updates!

There some now, remember around six months ago Oracle announced Oracle cross-region backup copies? And everybody mostly used volume group backups. Well now that functionality is here! This makes life so much easier.

Now if we only would get DB backups customizable more than the default retention time without setting things up manually..

This is a small thing but I'm so happy about this. In the Console when you have compute instance view, initially you didn't see any of the IP's.. then you could see public IP of the compute, and now you can finally see private IP in the list without clicking to view instance details!! So useful.

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 6.53.23 PM

What's new?

Let's start with block volume group backup copies cross-region. When you create volume group it creates consistent snapshots, now you can transfer those backups cross-region. All automated by OCI.
Service console log history is now captured in OCI! This will be great for debugging issues you have for example during startup.
Cloud Shell supports MySQL shell now. That's it!
Back to backups, you can also configure Region where backups will be send now.
Cloud Guard has some new features. Regardless of there being available similar products I like where Cloud Guard is going, if one would have easily deployable template with detector rules you want, you could reduce the noise there is and make it specific for your implementation always!

Blogs & News

Here Andrei writes about new DRGv2 capabilities with interconnect to Azure. Pretty easy with new features what DRG has! https://www.ateam-oracle.com/oci-drgv2-routing-and-microsoft-azure-access
Here's a writeup about OCI Database Management and how it works. They say it works also with other than OCI databases in the post. But doesn't it ONLY work with other than OCI databases at the moment?

I really wish they would get the OCI DBCS/ExaCS etc. support here, then it would be really useful.
OCI pricelist is now available through official API as well. Richard has some insight on it!
Hey I wrote a blog post! Just advising on ExaCS scaling issue we ran into recently.
Security lists are basic stuff but do you know what you need to allow if you're configuring your Minecraft server?
Abhinav writes about secure connectivity to OCI. I've heard he is working on some interesting posts so keep eye on his blog!
Arun has comments about new Support Center. I've now used it for multiple service requests and I have to say, I like it! You can get SR quickly created and it automatically gathers info on the problematic resource. Yes!
Hive metastore is now available to be used with Data Flow. I've had some interaction with Data Flow and the product team and they're really helpful on getting you on track using the service. Service worth trying out!
You can get OIC Activity Stream to OCI Log Analytics, A-team has a post on that.


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