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Friday! This was definitely slower week compared to couple previous ones. But many smaller updates and of course FREE Autonomous workload types for JSON and APEX!

I was testing the new DRG attachment functionality earlier and it's going to be excellent for your OCI network designs! Hoping to have something shareable on that front soon.

Blog & News section doesn't have much content this week either so this will be an easy ready!

What's new?

APEX and JSON workload types now free for Autonomous Database.

I know there's huge APEX community out there and the pricing probably scared some people on using it on OCI. But now you can use it, for free!

Official post on the offering is here.
External Database Service (I think they renamed this recently!) now supports Operations Insights for your *External* databases!

Now we just need the Internal Database Service! Or is that the Database Cloud Service actually..
If there's maintenance for underlying hosts, you can set live migration for your Compute instances so they'll be running all the time.
Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure can be provisioned now on Exadata X8M.

That's it, no links!
Small update, you can have up to 10 maintenance contacts for your Autonomous Database. In case there's any notification which gets send out, all the contacts will receive the email!
MySQL supports now providing custom IP during creation.
Remember Exadata Cloud Service supports customer-managed keys? Now it supports those for Data Guard enabled instances as well!

Blogs & News

A-Team has a post on replicating Autonomous Databases using Golden Gate from the OCI Marketplace. We demand update to use Golden Gate Cloud Service!
OCI Golden Gate Service was released already some weeks back, here's the announcement(?). Better late than never!
Terraform pipelines with policy-as-code! Good to see Oracle extending their usecases.


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