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Past two weeks have been slow from release perspective so we're just looking now what has come out during that time and what's happened within community.

New Intel-based customizable instance types are definitely something which interest people so that's awesome! I've written about new DRG v2 for networking so if you want to see basics and dive little bit deeper take a look on those posts too!

OCI Console has seen major re-work so if you haven't logged on in the past two weeks you'll be in for a surprise.

This was actually really cool, as one who enjoys mountain biking a lot it was great seeing Specialized has migrated some of their workloads to OCI! I even have one of their bikes, yay!

Props to Oracle for going through the actual architecture and not just purely marketing side.

What's new?

OCI Console! I'm not sure if I mentioned it two weeks ago when it first came out, but due to some issues Oracle pulled it back and now it appeared back again. Bookmarks are there and overall navigation is simplified!

I'm still having some hard time getting used to simplified navigation, but probably over time it will smoothen up.

All the changes are summarized here, check it out so you don't miss anything.
Object Storage auto-tiering! What if you didn't need to guess your correct storage tiers but just enable it and OCI takes care of it automatically. Moving objects (over 1MiB) from standard tier to infrequent and the other way around.

Oracle has official post on the feature here.
Optimized3-based Intel shape is available! It's flexible like the AMD shapes so gives you more flexibility what you run.
If you're creating an instance you can now opt-out on creating DNS entry for the VNIC. If you're using Console you can find this option under advanced controls.
Cloud Guard has bunch of updates! Link is for the actual release notes since they are listed nicely there. There are some detector and problem enhancements and all problem summary data is accessible on the Cloud Event data too. They added labels too!

I'm really liking Cloud Guard and what it is bringing, I mentioned in some older blog post that it would be cool to see the schedule so you could run it when you want or know when it's going to be run next time.
Email delivery now supports delivery to multiple recipients when configuring it.
Hashicorp has now how to get started with OCI page. Excellent to get things there, just brings more and more overall knowledge to people that OCI is good option for your workloads too. Maybe not yet for all workloads but it's getting better!

Blogs & News

I'm really excited on the new Dynamic Routing Gateway v2 features! They're out in Montreal and San Jose for now and I did few posts on it. First post covers the basics and second post goes little bit deeper on routing and dynamic import distributions. It's definitely going to be game changer for designs.
Julian has a post on how to apply one-off patches to Database on OCI. It's quite straightforward and easy as you can see from the post.
If you read one security related article, check the whitepaper under this link. It's about Zero Trust Security in OCI and had really good overview on different areas for OCI. Great work by the people who wrote it!
You can monitor Exadata machines by using OCI Logging Analytics as well! While this might not suite for everyone, it's definitely interesting use case what you can do with Logging Analytics.
Remember the Vulnerability Scanning released some time ago? I was testing it out and it's really easy to take into use and start seeing CVEs and ports open for instances!


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