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Talk about slow two weeks! I was almost giving up on writing the newsletter this week as there hasn't been much new features coming out.

I love mountain biking so seeing Specialized jumped to OCI is an interesting use case, read about it from here.

But still something from feature perspective! New OCI Icons finally available, they look pretty slick! I like they're available for different platforms so whatever you're using, you most likely can at least import the icons and use them.

There's a new certification available as well for 2021 - you can now become Oracle Database Cloud Services Specialist. Certification covers OCI DBCS, ExaCS and ExaC@C. Also External Database Service is on the list.

Not too many community posts this time so most blog and news are Oracle's own posts!

What's new?

OCI Icons can be downloaded from here! Now you don't need to spam Service Gateway icon to everywhere anymore.
To help with CI/CD pipelines OCI Resource Manager can now store your configuration in Object Storage buckets. It's part of the Stack creation process where you define location of the zip file.
You can now map Kubernetes RBAC roles to OCI IAM roles. I'm not really good with Kubernetes but I would assume it helps a lot in some cases!
MySQL now supports direct import from OCI Object Storage bucket to your database. Makes normal import cases way easier now.
Data Flow Service works now with Spark-submit functionality.

Blogs & News

Quick and dirty Ruby calls for OCI API. OCI Developer post! It's also good reminder that there's variety of SDKs available for OCI which can be used.
Here's some stuff on FSS and how you can mount it across ExaCS and application servers on OCI. As usual remember to verify UIDs and GIDs.
Some more detailed information what OCI Security Advisor can do in Maximum Security Zones. This is really interesting!
You can also create a website with API Gateway, Object Storage and Functions!
You can also enforce OCI budgets by using Functions. I run one of my tenancies under my own credit card so perhaps this would be good control there! I'm always worried doing something stupid but want to have one tenancy without limitations.


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