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New Features

It didn't take long, OCI provider for Terraform v3.27.0 is out and it has support for Terraform 0.12! I'm not used on Oracle providing so quick improvements for things they support but this is really great so customers don't need to wait too long.

You can now move file storage resources to different compartment after they have been created without need to re-create them. Resource types such as file systems and mount targets can be moved. Additional flexibility is good as you always might have cases where you need to re-organize resources to new compartment with new privileges.

Several operations in Compute service which don't complete instantly now have work requests. These work requests have an activity log which you can view and see where the request is spending it's time.

This gives a good overview if you are provisioning resources and want to make the process quicker since you can now see where the actual time is spend on.

The operations which support work requests are:

Blogs & News

Here are few interesting cases from APAC countries where they are using Oracle Autonomous Databases. Would be great to hear a detailed case where they use ADW/ATP together with autoscaling compute instances.

A post about autoscaling and using OKE (Oracle Kubernetes Engine) to create load on the autoscaling group. Some time ago I did test with autoscaling myself and had some interesting results, here is a link to that older post. I'm eagerly waiting improvements to OCI autoscaling as if you compare to AWS autoscaling they are still on a very early stage with functionality.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) was introduced some time ago, it's also very easy to setup and start using!

Short blog post on using the advanced options when creating a compute instance. I like to review Terraform OCI provider documentation for a given resource, it's a good place to get description for all options you can set.

Tip of the week

Since the OCI provider supports now Terraform 0.12 you probably want to get an idea what you can do with 0.12. Hashicorp has some good examples for some of the new features to give you and overview how they can be used. Once you get hang of the new features you can start thinking on possible cases where they can be used!


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