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This is OCI newsletter #1. I'll share weekly information what's happening with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and give some opinions of my own on those subjects which I feel are noteworthy.

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New Features

One of the biggest announcement lately has been the option to clone your Autonomous database. Now you have option (finally!) to create quick copy of your database if you are using autonomous databases either as a full copy including data and metadata or as a metadata only. I'd still like to see a people using them more in production so we would start seeing real world cases on actual usage.

There has been some additions to OCI Exadata as well. New Exadata's will use Oracle Linux 7 and you can leverage the I/O Resource Manager with OCI Exadata now and set it to support the workload you desire as is possible in the on-premise version. Exadata has been so far sort of "addon" to OCI so it has felt like a separately managed entity but Oracle is slowly improving it.

Few weeks back Oracle announced forced (or default) tags for resources when you create them. How many of you have created a nice tagging policy but nobody follows it? Well now you can make them to follow it!

The service gateway supports more than object storage as a destination now. I'm personally really happy about this. Even though the traffic didn't traverse across Internet earlier either but now you don't need to setup NAT gateway just to access different services from your private subnet. I was expecting it would be just few services at first but they released it to a bunch at the same time!

New improvements to Terraform. In the release 3.20.0 on March 27th they added lots of features to support new object storage functionalities and support for cloning Autonomous databases was added already on release 3.19.0. What I've noticed is that Terraform support comes quite fast when new feature is announced so it's great Oracle is supporting Terraform provider with quick releases.

Oracle announced support for 29 languages in the OCI Console! That's twenty-nine! I'm potentially seeing a nightmare because of this as anyone who has worked with e-Business Suite localization can understand the joy of different language packs.

Blogs & News

Great post on tracking your spending. If you commit to certain monthly spending and have your resources spread around it's good to do this from the start so you don't get any sudden surprises.

Mindblown performance by FASTDATA.io with their usage of OCI. Even though it's nice to hear OCI success stories would be great to see deeper posts on these.

A really cool way of using Ansible to build your OCI setup by Martin Berger.

And I did some testing with autoscaling in OCI some time ago which revealed still some shortcomings compared to AWS but I'm expecting they will improve the functionality a lot in the coming months.


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