My name is Simo Vilmunen and currently I’m working with Accenture Enkitec Group as Senior Principal for Cloud Migrations.

I started my career working mostly with Oracle databases but throughout the years I’ve been involved with number of different Oracle related products like e-Business Suite, Oracle Business Intelligence, Hyperion and also Oracle Exadata and Oracle VM.

Lately my focus has been with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and AWS migrations.

I really enjoy working with cloud infrastructure and infrastructure as code, it gives you excellent possibilities to modernize your legacy applications from bottom up if there aren’t other easy ways to do it. And I love Terraform as well whenever I have a chance to use it!

So plenty of stuff to work on. Hope you enjoy reading and get something out from this blog! If you have any questions about the newsletter or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure queries in general send me an email at simo (at) thatfinnishguy (dot) blog. I’m open for discussion always!

As of July 2019 I’m also recognized as Oracle ACE.

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Main Certifications

  • OCI Certified Architect Professional 2020
  • OCI Certified Architect Professional 2019
  • OCI Certified Autonomous Database Specialist 2020
  • OCI Certified Cloud Operations Associate 2020
  • AWS DevOps Engineer Professional
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Associate