Since I’ve written earlier about Passbolt as team password manager I thought it would make sense to notify there is new version 1.6.0 out as I installed version 1.4.0 for us.

My earlier post about Passbolt is here:

The biggest thing we noticed previously was the lack of group management in Passbolt but luckily they have added it now since version 1.5.1. Version 1.6.0 also adds email notifications for groups which is great!

As we have fairly small team we could actually manage without group management but now this makes the overall manageability lot easier if we have some changes in teams or need to share different passwords between different teams.

The upgrade process is really simple and detailed here:

After upgrade I just had to run the mentioned migration script and could login right after.

Now if I look after login there is users tab which has + Create button. From there I can create a group:


And I can add all people to the group I want. After that once I have created password I can share it to group:


This not only simplifies the overall usage of passbolt but also makes my life lot easier. Thanks! 🙂

Next feature what we would be keen on getting is Active Directory authentication but let’s see if its on their priority list.

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