Nice feature which I wasn’t aware earlier is that when you run exachk for your Exadata it has eBS specific section as well. So not all content is related to Exadata or databases.

There are million posts about exachk so I won’t go into details on it but exachk is as per Oracle:

Oracle ORAchk and EXAchk provide a lightweight and non-intrusive health check 
framework for Oracle hardware, operating system, Oracle database, middleware, 
application layers and engineered systems. 
ORAchk and EXAchk enable automated risk identification and proactive problem 
notification so that you can address issues before they affect your business.

And there is MOS note which has details:

Oracle Exadata Database Machine exachk or HealthCheck (Doc ID 1070954.1)

After running exachk and opening the html output you can review eBS specific section. The areas they examine are:

Sales and Marketing
Service and Contracts
Fixed Assets
Human Resources Management System
Process Manufacturing
Order Management
Discrete Manufacturing
Price Management

So lot of different modules are included and depending on your eBS they may or may not be relevant for you. For us the most interesting parts have been Workflow and Order Management.

You can also run eBS specific analyzers (for example Workflow analyzer) on your system but I think its nice feature they added it in exachk as well.

One pick from Workflow section:

FAIL SQL Check One or more major Workflow Looping Items found

And when you click details it shows the specific items impacted.

Same for Order Management:

FAIL SQL Check Order lines in workflow error.

Order line details:

Status on EBS:
FAIL => Order lines in workflow error.


YOUR_LINE1                        4                                       
YOUR_LINE2                        1

Even though your eBS functional people would review their modules periodically it’s good idea to include these in exachk as well. Specially when you update exachk frequently compared to eBS healthchecks which might not be updated so frequently?

If you manage your eBS & Exadata remember to highlight these forward and not just ignore them!

Perhaps one area what they could have included is something about concurrent managers. I think  that would have been directly related to your eBS performance and would give sort of standardized hints when running eBS on Exadata and concurrent manager setup.

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