I’ve played around with OEM 13.2 Oracle VM Infrastructure Home few days and I think it definitely has potential to be standard tool for us instead of OVM Manager!  There are still some areas which could be improved and leave me wondering if they are good.

Things I like:

  • New GUI is nice and responsive (I didn’t have any 13.1 experience so comparing to 12c)
  • Sync between OVM Manager and OEM seems to work instantly so you see things right away
  • Creating VM from assemblies has lot of good details in it so if you are managing large number of VM’s and need to create them frequently this has lot of possibilities

Things I don’t like:

  • When you work on some level in OEM 13.2 whether it is server pool, OVS or actual Virtual machine you need to navigate exactly on that level. With OVM Manager you can select for example server pool and on the right side edit Virtual machine but with OEM you need to navigate first to that Virtual machine to edit it.
  • Navigation to storage, repository etc. are done navigating first to VM Manager and then selecting them from dropdown and not from tab choices like in OVM Manager
  • Importing assembly / template opens just blank popup. I did import via OVM Manager and then assemblies showed up in OEM as well
  • Couldn’t change name for VM but had to do it in OVM Manager instead. Perhaps some credential issue?
  • When you execute job you need to go to job details page. Would be nice to see job status somewhere like in OVM Manager


Navigation in OEM 13.2 where you need to select correct level which you want to operate
Example how you find the VM Manager specific areas

Final thoughts:

As we already use Enterprise Manager on lot of areas I would like to combine OVM specific tasks there as well. We just need to look if people get used on the navigation specific changes. I think they are *quite* logical when you use it longer but jumping straight from OVM Manager to OEM 13.2 changes lot of things how you have operated.

If you would be forced on using OEM 13.2 to administrate OVM then everyone would get eventually used on using it but when you have  OVM Manager still installed each time I wonder how many will just happily use it?

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