One of my main interests after setting up Oracle VM 3.4.2 and Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.2 was to test how OEM 13.2 looks when you use Oracle VM through it. With OEM 12c we tested it but it seemed always lacking lot of functionality so day-to-day administration usage was lot easier with OVM Manager.

Preliminary tasks

First you need to deploy standard EM 13c agent to your OVM Manager host. If you are not familiar with this process its described in detail here (for 13.1):

After that from OEM 13.2 you need to enable and deploy Oracle Virtualization plugin to OVM Manager host. This is added through Setup=> Extensibility=> Plugins

Enterprise Manager for Oracle Virtualization (Enables management capabilities for Oracle VM in Enterprise Manager.)

Registering OVM Manager

These steps are really well defined here:

Before you begin you need to export  OVM Manager Weblogic certificate and import it to Agent Keystore as EM Agent user. As this was test installation default password for import was ‘welcome’.

Export as root:

/u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/ovm_upgrade/bin/ exportca > 

Import as oracle agent user:

<AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME>/bin/emctl secure add_trust_cert_to_jks 
-trust_certs_loc <file_loc_for_certificate> -alias <alias_name>

After this from the Infrastructure Cloud Menu select ‘Register OVM Manager’.

Other inputs are straightforward but for the OVM Manager URL you don’t need to put anything other than just plain ‘tcps://’. After all credentials are set you kick off the registration and you should be done in few minutes.

When you navigate to Oracle VM Infrastructure Home you can then see your OVM Manager. And all the necessary administration features now available.

Initial feeling is that it looks lot better compared to Oracle VM Infrastructure in OEM 12c!


Later on I will look how the actual OVM Manager administration works through OEM 13.2.

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